Its now illegal to disrespect the government or publish news not approve of by the government in Russia

Didn’t Obama use the media to influence public opinion with the deepstste media he created by hiring these people?

Neither did Obama, especially after selling him Americas uranium.

Donald is green with envy.

Trump is going to LOVE this.

You mean the freeloader allies or Globalists leaching off the American economy with their high tariffs?

Our president is green with envy.

Sean Hannity no doubt neglected to tell his audience this info, so you can hardly expect the poster to know it.

Ah so you think Obama is worse than Putin. Interesting. Why?

I mean, I know why. But I’m curious if you’ll say it.

This is the perfect example of Obama hiring people related to the media in order to control public opinion like the lie “hands up don’t shoot” that helped divide this country.

If anything the media is center-right.

You know that, don’t you?

There’s a reason the news media still treats Trump with respect. They aren’t unbiased. They all tilt right. They’re corporatists.

They treat Trump with kid gloves.

Not when they cater to childish politicians like AOC.

Jealousy is unbecoming. Maybe run for office if you want to be her so badly instead of just tearing her down. See if you can accomplish half of what she has before you throw insults from behind a keyboard.

The new green deal is proof she’s not too bright like the fake news that supports her.

When you negotiate for a car what do you offer first?

Good credit?

Nothing to do with Obama. I didn’t mention Obama. The DNC is planning on banning Fox News from Democrat debates because Fox does not go along with the party line.
This thread is about Putin no allowing conflicting media viewpoints. I’m just wondering how Democrats find that a problem.

Why wouldn’t Democrat’s find that to be a problem?

Ask them. They are the ones who don’t want what they perceive as opposition media asking questions at their primary debates.

Fox News is not the opposition media. They are an oligarch-run extension of the GOP messaging platform.

Should the Republican debates be held by the Clinton Foundation?

When is the GOP going to host a debate on MSNBC.