It's Now Illegal To Be A Republican!


I think he did, but some of what he “confessed” to was at the direction of the prosecutors & investigators. Lies to lessen his prison time. Also the evidence collected against him & all the others should be thrown out because it was illegally obtained.


Because he’s a Republican.


The phony dossier, lying to the FISA court, fraud, & perjury.


Trumpers keep believing that Mueller is taking people’s word at face value…:joy:

(Shhhhh dont tell em that Mueller has the goods)


It didn’t lessen his sentencing though.

Cohen is facing years in prison and thousands in fines.

What do you think that that he confessed to that wasn’t real?


If he wasn’t the president no one would care.


He is a Republican…


You are conflating different criminal investigations.


This is how I feel about Trumpers who continue to defend Trump…kinda heartbreaking really


We can visit this tread again in a few months and see how you feel.

I hope y’all continue down this trail. Bill Clinton’s approval rating was 73% after they attempted impeachment.


So, this means you will still support and defend fat donald?

My bad, I meant “individual 1”


Real talk…this report to me showed me that Mueller is uncovering a massive conspiracy and Trump is merely a part of it. Mueller is going to present a report in which he lays out in detail how we have a felon running the country and he is going to lay it at the feet of Congress.

2020 is going to be a bloodbath of epic proportions.


If you’re asking me, absolutely!


Mueller knows everything.


There will always be support for individual 1…less of them sure but they will be distilled to the point that all you will have left are true nutters the die hard and they will preach until they die that Trump was framed by the “establishment”

Trump will be their Jesus


The difference is, Bill Clinton was a likeable guy with a good economy who lied about having sex.

Trump is a gawdawful human garbage pile who broke the law multiple times and possibly committed treason and is single handedly killing the economy.

Though to be fair, he does have a lot of stupid brainwashed people supporting him, so that’s different.


Great, there is this guy named Donald J Trump. He is the president, and wouldn’t you know it he also controls and directs the Department of Justice. You know the one that prosecutes alleged criminals. How is it that you haven’t asked yourself why he hasn’t directed his DOJ to investigate and prosecute all these people you seem to think have committed some crime?

It would seem you don’t hold high standards for your man.





This thread is easily addressed.

  1. It is not now, nor has it ever been illegal to be a Republican.
    Worth noting that Trump himself is not a Republican in any way shape or form.

  2. It IS now and ALWAYS has been illegal to commit a crime, something the Donald has done with amazing precision, gotten caught in multiple times and for the most part hasn’t had to pay for.


I did read the OP. It doesn’t say “why,” it gives no reason, no evidence, it simply offers up a steaming pile of horse ■■■■ assertions. Hence, my question: Why do you believe it?