It's Mueller Time (link to live stream included)

So, today is the big day for Mueller to speak to Congress regarding his findings. Will we learn anything new? Given prior comments by Mueller, I don’t think we’ll see any more information. If anything, I suspect he will only reiterate that his team could not reach a conclusion on the obstruction piece, and that another entity (possibly Congress) would need to investigate that piece further to come to any real conclusions.

As promised in the title, here is a link to where CBS will carry a live stream.

He will stick to the script…I’m curious to see how the gop handle this and if they dont make any headway like the dems might not

Welcome back my friends
to the show that never ends
we’re so glad you could attend
come inside, come inside

There behind the glass
we’ll expose Russian collusion ass
stare as long as you “feel” when you pass
but move along, move along :sunglasses:

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You should watch… you might learn what is actually in the report.

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Idiot Republicans will probably just say “No collusion, no obstruction” over and over again.

Mueller will roll his eyes, sigh, and repeat “Read the report”.

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I’m on trump twitter watch

Few will watch.

Mueller will clam up. He isn’t risking ANYTHING for any of these idiots using him like a doll.

Contempt for this entire fiasco will grow with voters.

Fun day ahead…


Bleach Bit!



It is rather curious that the Clinton campaign and Obama admins input has been rather missing from the scene.

…but but but TRUMP…


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Your desperation to defend the indefensible that is Trump is palpable.

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Your desperation to take the orange man down has reached a fever pitch. Too bad that’s over and done with.



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No collusion…No obstruction…No revision.


Too much speechifying already.

There is collusion.

Just not conspiracy.

Obstruction could not be charged by Mueller.

Glad we could clear that up.


Ugghh - I’m ashamed to say I voted for Doug Collins for his first term.

A lot of people swear by Bigfoot and Area 51.

Fine by me…Have fun with it.



Did you read the report?

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It should be a great embarrassed to admit that you support the “orange man”.

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