It's finally happened!


And the point of talking about that would be…?


Just threw something out there and tried to make it stick.


Government yes.

Without the ARPANET, there would be no internet. That’s where the technology was born.


I have no idea what any of this is supposed to mean.


You can read my mind.


DARPA created the internet.


The Fourteenth Amendment changed all of that.


No, a complete misapplication of the 14th changed that.


I want it. Every penny I paid. With interest. A single lump sum payment will do nicely.


It’s socialism to want your money back? Under exactly what premise?


Rowe v. Wade was decided before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born for crying out loud. And suddenly the Democrats are doing it.


And I was just getting ready to start a thread about the disgusting shut down 40 years ago. You got me. I should have said something.


Watching Cortez, makes me almost think that a high schooler
could do better than her at politics.

And she went to school for Economics, which makes it even worse
that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. lol.


It was actually a very correct application of it. Gay marriage is the clearest because of the Equal Protection Clause.


She needs to be educated in political terminology.

That doesn’t make it worse (as if it were already bad). Economics is a descriptive discipline. It cannot demonstrate which moral values are right and which ones are wrong. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez understands this even if she has not succinctly said it.


Gay marriage had no place under the 14th as there was never any intent by those who passed, fought for, and ratified it to apply it to homosexuality.

What had to be honored were the contracts “marriage contract” from one state to another once some states started allowing it.

Abortion has no place at all under the 14th as it was never a consideration at all in it’s drafting, passage, or ratification.

The sole purpose of the “all persons born” language was to ensure that everyone born prior to it’s passage in the US was entitled to the protections of the US constitution.

In both cases the courts badly overreached by changing it’s meaning to suit their own preferences.


It’s when the government owns all the skateboards.


Just FYI…

States don’t have rights, people have rights.

Along with interracial marriage.

You left that one out.


The Democrat Politicians probably already spent it.

Social Security is already in sooo much debt.


Since when? lol. Owe, do you mean when the Democratic Politicians allow them to?

Do Conservatives have a right to due process under the law?
The Democrat Politicians said that Kavanaugh was automatically guilty.