It's finally happened!


That’s what he believes also.

Legal, usually does mean moral. not always, but most of the time.

Example when it doesn’t is Abortion, but the people who overturned it have
skewed morality.

With laws like no murder, or rape, those laws are good morality wise to have.

Unfortunately, morality is subject to change depending on the society and its people.
Overtime morality tends to get less, compared to it getting more.
Once again, an Example is Abortion.


And he uses the services of air traffic controllers - you know those people who are working now without pay.


[quote=“Oldandtired, post:99, topic:116114”] I have no children living at home so school is not a problem for me.

Did your children go to public schools?

If so, you were using the services paid for by other taxpayers, too.


Civil rights are not state issues.


Nope the plane is in a hanger on the ranch and he does not have to file a flight plan to check pastures or fly into the local airport. By the way the local airport has no human staff on the premise. He flies in unlocks the door with his key gets the car keys for the car that everyone uses when they fly in and drives into town and gets what he needs and flies home.
Heck when he got his license he only had to log so many miles flying with a pilot and so many miles flying solo and get a physical they gave him his license.


There is nothing Civil about murdering innocent babies who never had a chance
at life, and using their body parts for “Science”.


Define “Radical Socialism”?


No worse than murdering them in the name of “peace” as part of “acceptable collateral damage” and then just wasting their parts.


An individual, not the government created the Internet. And private companies create programs to secure an individual’s virtual assets.
Banks are private companies. They also take measures privately to insure the security of its clients’ banking accounts.

There may be laws to protect the services of these two, but ultimately it also includes the private sector as well. One cannot deny that both the government and the people have made technological progress possible.

The telekinesis comment is downright condescending, honestly. And ironic, considering your post is not completely accurate.


What in the world are you going on about?


I completely agree. Telekinesis would still require a person to interact with a computer to access the Internet. Torey was probably thinking of Internet Manipulation.


Look! The government is shut down and the internet just crashed!
The government is shut down and the banking system still works!
The government is shut down and school, safe meds, and especially airplanes are possible. I know because of Nancy Pelosi:wink:.

“Oh, and of course you never use the internet or watch TV, both of which would not be possible without the government.”

*** are you talking about? Seriously!!?


Let’s be honest: the only reason why they are angry is because Trump did it. The government workers not getting paid, etc. are all excuses. Jimmy Carter shut the government down multiple times, yet we don’t hear a peep from them about that.


Perhaps he is talking about North Korea, where the government, does, in fact, control the Internet. :wink:


This is in no sense a true statement.


If you are going to argue against me, back it up.


Government: Yes. Individual: No.


Ohhkay. I see now. You are right. My bad.


One Individual? No, several people? Yes.
Government? No.

“The ARPANET was decommissioned in 1990.”


On the link that you provided, do you realize what states are strongest
the internet was aimed at the most? California I can tell you is one of them.

Pelosi comes from there, and a lot of the far left wingers do also.
The other areas, are through more Liberal states, so I think you
kinda shot yourself in the foot, and didn’t think about that before you posted it?