It's finally happened!


I’m glad you admit capitalism did not kill millions like socialism did and is…

I don’t mind if you are a socialist, just leave me out of your schemes,


Train track subsidies etc are not direct payments to people…The constitution was around before Marx.


From Google:

The transatlantic slave trade resulted in a vast and as yet still unknown loss of life for African captives both in and outside America. Approximately 1.2 – 2.4 million Africans died during their transport to the New World. More died soon upon their arrival


The African slave trading forts were set up by Islamic slavers long before the Spanish started buying slaves from them.

Slavery is not capitalism. Capitalism trades wealth for work. Two or more people make a deal.

…But gulags are slavery.


Capitalism - an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Capitalists won’t trade wealth for work if they don’t have to. If they can buy slaves, they will if the profit margin is high enough. Why do you think we manufacture things in China? They work 20 hours a day for a couple of bucks a month. They have to have suicide nets to keep people from killing themselves.

Slavery is Slavery. Capitalism is Capitalism. You can have slaves in a capitalist society if the society allows it. You were asking for an example, I just gave you one.

Socialism isn’t without blood on it’s hands, but capitalism is no angel.


No it’s not. According to the definition, socialism is “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” You weren’t even in the ball park.


You don’t think socialism existed before Marx?


Let me sItart and say that the place I grow up on my father built all the roads that ran through land that we owned. When we went to town the first 30 miles we drove on were built by my father. He probably would have built the other 35 miles of road but he did not own that property.
I never go to the library probably haven’t been in one for over 40 years. There are other ways to get books. I probably mail 2 letters a month and the government does not pay for the stamp or paper. I’m sure that if the post office was closed for good that there would be a private company that was able and willing to do the same thing. Think of UPS or fedex. It might cost me more but I would probably get better service. Where I live now and where I lived growing up I would be dead and my property gone by the time it took the local sheriff to drive an hour to my home. I protect my self and my property.
It would also take the county fire department an hour to get to my home if there was a fire. That’s why we all build our own fire wagons.
I ranched and farmed for years and did not take one cent from the government. In fact it’s because of the government meddling in farming that I no longer farm my own ground. But I still run cattle.
And I do have my own land fill. Who going to drive for an hour to pickup maybe 2 peoples trash.


And your house runs on a generator, yes? From gasoline you harvest on your own property?

And all of your cash is in a box under your bed, you never write checks or use credit or banks of any kind.

Your children were also homeschooled and none of you has ever used a stoplight or flew in an airplane. None of you ever needed to take a medication proven safe to use by the FDA.

You truly do not need the Government then.


So many right wingers like to think they live off the grid – while on the internet.


Oh, and of course you never use the internet or watch TV, both of which would not be possible without the government. And even if you used them, you couldn’t pay for them without using the banking system, protected by our government.

This post of yours must have been performed using telekinesis, which is a rare skill!


You have no idea what socialism is, do ya? Well continue to enjoy your services you socialist. Lol


It appears we finally got to the root of the problem. You simply don’t know what socialism is because the above isn’t it.


Damn, he really doesn’t, does he?


Cool story bro


Please post an updated link to your fever dream.


I think we should just let feces and needles everywhere like san fran.

Then we should open a place where heroin addicts can come and use heroin.
Like Washington, New York, and Cali.

Would most Democrats want to live next to that place?


I have a generator that will run the house. And it wouldn’t be that hard to produce ethanol. . The neighbor down the road can. I have enough cash in the house that I could get by for several months. I have no children living at home so school is not a problem for me. Why would I need a stop light in the country? My father owns a plane and has flown since the 40’s. I take no medication and neither does my spouse . I don’t really need the internet could get along just fine with out it. Cell phone coverage is spotty here so could get rid of that
. And no I don’t think I live off the grid. Everyone in the area knows where I live even the UPS man. But if need be I could live just fine without many things. I wouldn’t starve and I wouldn’t get cold. And I’m willing to bet that I would fare better than all the people crowded in the cities.


Legal doesn’t mean moral.


So yes you do benefit from government provided services