It's finally happened!


Ill take that as a yes, that you do want your social security check…


I guess since the American people don’t want Socialism,
Democrats can’t come out directly and say that they want it publicly yet?

Not quite there yet. A lot of the older generation hasn’t been Liberally
brainwashed as much as the younger generation through school, and the
mainstream media.


I’ve seen this argument from liberals meant to be a gotcha moment for those who decry socialism. But this argument is as weak as anything Trump tweets. You’d have a point if Social Security was elective and your target was partaking in it while griping about socialism. But it isn’t elective, and people wanting the money that was confiscated from them back is in no way hypocrisy. Hell, give me all of my money back right now and I’ll be beyond happy to not participate in that Ponzi scheme from this point forward.


Laws are based on the idea that one citizen can’t and shoudn’t violate the rights of another. Not because its morally wrong.

Killing someone is immoral, yes…but more importantly, it violates the deceased indviduals right to life. Stealing is illegal because it violates my right to personal property, not because it violates the Golden Rule.

Get educated.


Two words. Supremacy Clause.


Night terrors.


It’s beyond the pale! Sanctuary cities and states are just one of the “off the rail” behavior of the leftist Democrat Party who has become socialist.


:rofl: Holy crap!


Socialists killed millions and millions and enslaved billions.

They can’t learn, and are greedy wanting others to pay their way …


Well, you know. All conservative republicans are tuned in to AOC’s every move now.


Well if you hate socialism that bad cratic…
Don’t use current roads and infrastructure. Pull yourself by your own boot straps and build your own road. Good luck financing that endeavor.
Don’t walk inside that library, better go to the book store.
Don’t mail a damn thing and you better not expect mail to come to your house either. Don’t call the police if someone break into your crib or steal your car and if you have a fire, better get a really good garden hose and a bucket. I hope you are not a farmer because you better not be getting any farm subsides.
You must have a landfill in your back yard so I’m assuming that is where all your trash is going.


I thought troll threads were against the rules.


It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.


Funny…so has capitalism. Maybe there’s other factors involved outside of just “socialism”


Your laws have nothing to do with morality. Your laws are about protection of wealth and self. That is why it is legal to get an abortion or shoot a thief.

If laws were moral fines would be based on wealth to begin with.


Building roads is not socialism… That’s the general welfare as outlined in the constitution. . Socialism is the belief I owe you money because you are alive, or your specific welfare.


How has capitalism killed millions? Inventing the refrigerator perhaps? Electrify cities perhaps?

Socialists rounded up people and killed them… They are now starving children in Venezuela, and I bet he’s killing the opposition also…


International Slave Trade


Capitalism isn’t evil. Socialism isn’t evil.

What killed millions in the 20th century was a combination of factors. Not just “socialism” That’s an oversimplification IMO.


Oh…general welfare isn’t socialism now?