It's finally happened!


Their economies are doing just fine and were before Trumpstain stepped in.

States dont get to override constitutional amendments. Its United States, not We pass whatever laws we want states.


So, an actual event or just an epiphany?


Morally ok? What difference does that make? We are a nation of laws not morals.

If morals mattered your orange haired freak would never have stepped foot in the white house.


Republican hate the constitution.


Please, provide us with a link to Obama’s EO concerning gay marriage.


Why is this thread okay but others are deleted?


It wasn’t made by a liberal


Oh please. This Day Politics was allowed to stand for several days, at least over a month. There are also several threads bashing Trump that are still here. Just look at the recent threads.


At first I thought this was going to be about the Democrat congressman that tried to bring a six pack of beer on the House floor. I’d give the guy grief, too, but he’ll, wouldn’t you drink if you had that gig?


This is the kind of thread that dreams are made of. Props OP!


Shaking a cane. Yelling at clouds. Brought to
you by the New Republican Party.


It happened.


Absolutely nothing.


It’s in the Constitution that certain rights are up to the states.

Gay Marriage and Abortion should be up to each individual state, and
not a Federal Decision. Everyone knows that.


Laws are motivated by morality. What are you talking about???

Laws and morals go hand in hand.

It’s against the law to rape or murder someone, because it’s also immoral.


So you do or don’t want Socialism in America?


Do you or do you not want your social security check?


Laws are motivated by what the people of the United States consider important, though their Representative in Congress.


Abortion is legal in our country. I’ve paid for 3 abortions. They were all legally performed. Deal with it.


So you don’t think that morality has nothing to do with laws then?

I guess if most Democrats think that, then I understand a lot more about them now.


I’ll take that as a yes, that you do want Socialism.