It's finally happened!

The Democrat Politicians have finally gone to far to the Left!

They’re going against what their own voters don’t want them to do
and forcing things like Sanctuary Cities in America.

How many people in America want Radical Socialism in America?


Wait. What happened?

Part 381 in the 1734 part series “Democrats suck.” What exactly was the cause of today’s spleen venting?


This thread happened…


Not even a topic of question or any other discussional value. We have a name for these sort of threads but it can’t be named.

It’s like starting a thread like “it snowed today…” and that is all that is said.

I started to realize how Radical the far Left has gone.

They’re really pushing further and their agenda finally.
They’re all IN!

In the past they would appear moderate, but now they’re so far to the left,
I don’t know if they can appear moderate anymore.

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Great thread.

But my post that the thread is about an old man yells at at cloud is poof and gone

You know why

What radical bills have the left passed?

carpe diem, would you care to be specific, or is your complaint wide-ranging and general in nature?

I’m gonna have to tune into Fox News and see what breaking news exclusive report just came up in the last 10 minutes to figure out what sparked this mess of a thread. It couldnt have just been random.

Did AOC propose some new legislation this evening?

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wasting money in Cali, Abortion(Rowe Vs. Wade),
Obamacare(forcing people to pay for it that don’t want it)

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Those things are old, not new.

Do you have anything from this century?

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You can bark at Roe V Wade all you like, it wont help. Youd think 4 decades of that lesson would learn you.

Revert to Alexandria Cortez, and Bernie Sanders, California’s economy,
New York’s economy, Illinois.

Not allowing the states to make their own decisions any more on thigs like Abortion,
and Gay marriage. Obama did an Executive order on Gay marriage.

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So I’m guessing that you think Abortions are morally ok.

How about Sanctuary cities? Are those moral also in your mind?


Would you be okay with being held in prison without a judicial order?