It's been five years to the day since the Tan Suit Controversy!

Thank you Washington Post for reminding me of the travesty it was when Obama gave a press conference in a tan suit! I was trying to block that from my mind to save myself from the TRAUMA!

Seriously, the Post has a very nice article here talking about how the Tan Suit Controversy is now a symbol used all over social media to contrast the relative calm of the Obama years compared to the turmoil that seems to rock the Trump Administration every day.

Too bad a minority…yet united bloc…of people seem to favor the actual turmoil.

I guess it makes sense since many of them tried so hard to gin up manufactured outrage such as the Tan Suit Controversy.

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Lol. A matter of national import. And look what goes on these days. Amazing.

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I thought there was a thread on this already? I can’t find it though

There was- I don’t know if it started before mine and I missed it, or vice versa. No issue if mods combine them.

Some good outrage quote:

GOP Congressman Peter King

Lou Dobbs


So not trivial!

Can you imagine the outrage the right media would have is for example:

Obama decided to put in a rule change that would stop children of service member abroad from getting automatic US citizenship?

Just wild hypothetical of course

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He needed some platform shoes with goldfish in the heels.

Well that came out of nowhere.

Ah the Black 70s Pimp call out. Classy


Or nuking hurricanes.

Or promising pardons in advance of lawbreaking by his staff.

Just spitballin’ here on wildly unlikely things the current President didn’t do.

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What a joke obama was.

Thanks for the reminder.

And no, I don’t care about the tan suit. Never did.

The goldfish say you’re wrong.

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did the press at large say he killed more people than hitler, and call him mentally ill?

nah, but back to the tan suit outrage.

Unless we are going to pretend like this is fake news.

I never saw night after night the phrase “narcissistic in chief” by the right media…nopes never happened


And the people outraged at has tan suit were models of probity and decorum. Got it.

Is that better or worse than having a tan suit?

Because according to conservative media, a tan suit was a travesty!

it shows the galactic scale difference between that and the “ridiculous ■■■■■■■■■ trump faces hourly every day

sean hannity, and rush vs all of media society

top notch

And talk radio, and right wing online news sites and organizations…