It's been 150+ years since Democrats have been this upset about July 4

Many Democrats have been going bonkers in their attempts to belittle celebrations of Independence Day. Here is one example:

New York Times Opinion tweeted out a controversial video two days before Independence Day, which made an argument against America’s greatness and status as a Shining City on a Hill. It called U.S. greatness a myth and hit a number of common left-wing talking points, dropping sarcastic lines like, “But we have freedom in America, and everyone’s jealous, or something” and ” The truth is, how great America is really depends on how rich you are.”

Actually Democrat distaste for Independence Day is not new. Many Democrats were likewise unimpressed with Independence Day after the Civil War. Southern Democrats had fought a bloody war after the election of an “illegitimate” Republican president who got less than 40% of the popular vote. The war was ultimately decided on July 4, 1863, after defeats in Gettysburg and Vicksburg.

Here are some descriptions of Independence Day as remembered by Democrats after the Civil War:

For 70 or so years after the surrender of Vicksburg to the Union army on the Fourth of July, 1863 (150 years ago this year), Independence Day wasn’t celebrated in Vicksburg. There were no fireworks, no picnics, no days off work. The post office didn’t even close on the Fourth of July in Vicksburg for decades.

Having lost a bloody four-year war to break free from the United States and defend the institution of slavery, Confederate sympathizers had little desire to celebrate the Fourth now that they were back in the Union and slavery was no more. . .In Charleston and elsewhere, whites deeply resented their former slaves turning the Fourth into a commemoration of black liberty.

Is history repeating itself?

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Equating today’s left with the Confederacy sympathizers comes across just a wee bit disingenuous.


Sure…this coming from a group who voted for a draft dodger…Insulted McCain and a gold star family .

But sure go after liberals being anti patriotic…

Remember the hypocrisy folks because here comes the flag huggers.


Of course history is repeating itself. The Democratic Party (total misnomer there) has always hated America and everything this nation stands for. They were outraged when the Party of Lincoln abolished slavery and have been blinded by rage and hate ever since. Thankfully the GOP stands out as a beacon for freedom, opportunity, wholesome values, and strong national pride. Without them this nation would have long ago succumbed to Democrat socialist tyranny and stagnation.

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No wonder today’s liberals are constantly so hard at work trying to preserve the Confederacy and all its statues, flags and other reliques - they wish the South had won.


What is interesting to me is that New York Times compares the US to nations in northern Europe and then complain that US is too racist and lacks diversity. Basing comparisons only with selected European countries is itself a form of racism in my opinion.

How about diversity in the comparisons?

For example comparing freedom and opportunity of African-Americans to Africans in Africa?

Mexican-Americans to Mexicans in Mexico?

Russian-Americans to Russians in Russia?

Chinese-Americans to Chinese in China?

How dare you not love America as much as me!

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I know, US Independence Day can be very upsetting to some Loyalist-Americans . . .

They had to pack up their slaves and move to Canada as refugees after the revolution.

Um what?

Many Loyalists brought their slaves with them to Canada (mostly to areas that later became Ontario and New Brunswick) where slavery was legal. An imperial law in 1790 assured prospective immigrants to Canada that their slaves would remain their property.
Loyalist (American Revolution) - Wikipedia

Loyalists and Southern Democrats were not keen on celebrating July 4.

I don’t know about history repeating itself, but that is one of the most tragic stories in American history.

Conservatives only want those preserved to celebrate Southern Heritage. Liberals want them preserved to remember a time when they had their foot on the necks of slaves, businessmen, patriots, and Christians.

just in case anyone wants to know. here’s where the Democratic presidential candidates were from starting around 150 years ago and going forward a number of elections…

New York
New York (different guy)
New York (3rd different guy)
New York (4th different guy)
New York (5th different guy)
New Jersey

Wait, how is this relevant to this topic ?

Liberals poo poo

Slavery was banned in Upper Canada in 1793 under the first Lieutenant General John Graves Simcoe
so they had a good three years.

Lower Canada banned slavery in 1799.

Slavery was never that popular in Canada because Canada lack the climate for large scale farming at the time most of Canadian economy was based on trapping large scale farming didn’t really develop in Canada till we expanded west.

now if you don’t know what trapping was it was when groups of men would travel into wilderness and trap beavers and other animals and sell their furr this was a hardblood of the Canadian society, economy till industrialization.

What about lumber?

I’m honestly surprised emancipation day isn’t a federal holiday.

The Jim Crow era would’ve never allowed it

Lumber didn’t really kick off till the late 1800’s mid/late 1900’s when Canada really started to expand.

at the time of the 1700’s Canada population was just over 100,000 we had one major town New France and small trading outpost inland.

It wasn’t till the British take over of Canada that the population really expanded.
France didn’t really think much of North America in term of colonies their main forces was sugar in Latin America.

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