It's all Trump's Fault

It’s all Trump’s fault:

-The mass Coved 19 deaths at nursing homes in democrat run states.

-The death of black people in democrat run towns by police who the democrat mayor never got rid of any bad cops.

-High crime rates in democrat run towns.

-High unemployment rates in democrat run areas.

-Coved 19 being brought into the US from China & other countries even though Democrats tried to stop him from cutting off entry from those infected areas, calling him racist for doing so.

-Racist, even though he created the lowest unemployment rates ever for minorities.

=Yup, all Trump’s fault!

So President Trump is responsible for nothing? Or just the good things? Where does the buck stop?

I believe he said he takes no responsibility.

Nice deflection! Of course he has negatives. Every President does. However on ever single one of those items listed it was NOT his fault. It was solely the fault of democrats who ran those places for decades.

Trump is not a mayor or governor. He in not allowed constitutionally to hire & fire police, or tell those democrat mayors & governors what to do or how to run those places. Correct?

On those things, the buck stops at those democrats.

So what are these negatives you speak of?

Nice deflection again, is every response you have off topic deflections?

I see everything is Democrats fault.
Party of responsibility went in hiding on Jan 20, 2017.


You’re the one who brought it up. What are these negatives?

DID NOT SAY THAT. On topic, deflector, on that list, it indeed is the democrats fault. What one of those items was NOT the democrats fault? Which ones are not? Hmmmmmm?

Speaking without thinking and demonstrating he isn’t doing a lot of thinking period. Mostly.

The title of the thread is “It’s All Trump’s Fault”, so isn’t discussing what is, and what isn’t his fault pretty much what this thread is about?

No, you brought up the negatives to deflect democrat responsibility they obviously are guilty of. I responded to it on a limited basis to keep you on topic, but of course, standard for the left, you all keep responding with deflections. Amirite?

Nice try at more deflection. You really have that limited understanding? Really?

So you believe Trump has no negatives and he has done everything correctly in his handling of the federal government’s response to the pandemic, and it’s all thr Democrats fault for all the bad stuff happening. Am I understanding you right?

In the six bullet points, you blamed Democrats for 5 of them.

So in states that are run by Republicans that had protesting and rioting or where coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are spiking, I guess those are Democrats faults as well?

Why the insult?

I asked a legitimate question.

You’re smart enough to figure this out? Now apply your potential and tell the truth? I’ll wait to hear you. :sunglasses:

Maybe he came to Washington DC naive. :joy: :rofl:

He did…very naive…as I’ve said here many times.

Awww. Poor wittle Twump, such a cute wittle baby, had no idea about the swamp he said he wanted to dwain.