It's All Starting To Make Sense

Now that I think about it, it is all starting to make sense. We know how critical the economy is to reelection. The impeachment “inquiry” is dragging the economy and slowing a deal with China. The next round of talks is in a few days and the libs announce this now…

Probably a coincidence. Surely they wouldn’t use the economy for the will to power…


You realize all leading indicators that show the economy is slowing down occurred prior to this impeachment inquiry stuff started, right?


LMAO… Couldn’t be tariffs?


I was only about 12, but I remember the economy doing pretty well during Clinton’s impeachment.


After he didn’t get removed.

Well, at least this conspiracy theory is a bit different from some of the others we’ve heard lately


It seems to me “the economy” is a very complex system with a lot of inter-dependencies. So any event would, in accordance with complexity theory, necessarily be due to multiple factors interacting with/on each other.

Seems the libs have found a door. Well done.

I wonder if Trump realizes this and that explains his frustration.

No, the economy was strong throughout the 1990s because of the dot-com bubble.

Lol sneaky.

Nothing is ever Trump’s fault…cough TARIFFS!


I’m genuinely disappointed it took y’all a full week to come up with this one. This was like the low hanging fruit on day one. Instead you wasted all your bullets on ohhhh muuhhhhgerdddddddd treason!


Nice. :rofl:

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Oh yeah the liberal hopeful recession.

And if it happens it will definitely be their fault for worrying about it.

And here are the excuses about the economy turning.

Trump supporters will latch onto anything to excuse him from any responsibility for anything.

Trump already admitted there likely would not be a deal with China prior to the election in 2020. Nor did he believe one was necessary. This was done before the impeachment inquiry began.

The grand conspiracy of the evil libs :drooling_face: doing this intentionally to tank the economy is asinine. No one made Trump say what he said to the President of Ukraine. And then admit it openly. Including releasing a partial memo of the call that also proves exactly what he did.

No, this is 100% on Trump, and no amount of deflecting to the Dems will change this reality.


They’re just following the Chosen One’s example.


Now why did you have to cloud the issue with petty things like facts??



The Deep State is insidious the way it makes Donald say and do things that incriminate himself!


You should quit your day job and move to Wall Street.

Its not worth arguing with facts.

AM radio continues to peddle whatever far-fetched scenarios they can. Notice now that the dip in the economy is now directly related to impeachment. It cannot be anything else. Not tariffs, not terrible tax cuts, none of that.