It's all so bizarre. Twilight zone stuff

Weaponizing the IRS and using it to attack conservatives.
Not a crime

Giving assault rifles to drug cartels resulting in the deaths of many including a U.S. agent.
Not a crime.

Paying someone to come up with a fake crime to damage a political opponent and lying to a FISA court in order to get a surveillance order.
Not a crime

Having a V.P. withhold cash from a foreign government unless a government official is fired and having his zero qualification son serving as a high paid board member of one of their major energy companies.
Not a crime.

But asking that the corrupt V.P. be investigated is a crime?

It is all so wacky. The dems get away with countless crimes then they cry like babies when the president is not convicted of any of their fake crimes. Serious twilight zone stuff here.


Clinging to the notion that asking for the investigation of a corrupt V.P is a crime is what’s wacky.

So why no investigations into Biden?

That’s what’s wacky.

story time, hurray!

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I dunno. Maybe because the last man who asked for one got impeached for it? So there’s that.

It’s all so bizarre. Why would Trump have to ask a foreign government to investigate an american citizen and use a white house meeting and foreign aid to leverage it happening? Twilight Zone stuff.


Not a story. The agent’s name was Brian Terry. He actually was killed by drug cartel rifle provided by Eric Holder. It’s public record. You could also ask his family if you like.

It’s wacky. And yet, the folks who could do an actual investigation, aren’t.

Are you sure?

Of everything Donald has done and or said in his public life, what in particular convinces you that he withheld aid to Ukraine because he was concerned about someone else’s corrupt behavior?

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I don’t care what his motivations were. What were the motivations of Trump/Russia if not to take down a political opponent? The President has the right to ask that a corrupt government official be investigated. It certainly is not a crime to do so. And the Senate agrees with me.

I couldn’t agree more my friend.

So why no in investigation?

Why didnt he use DOJ etc if he was so concerned?

Who told you there is no investigation?

He should use all available sources.

Like the Twilight Zone I tell ya…What are the odds they admit that after the vote? Wacky huh?

Yes I am.

And I know why.

And so do you.

CNN? Do you have a reliable source?

Maybe you should send this to Shifty? Is it too late to fire up another impeachment?

Fine. Now there’s two investigations going on into the Bidens. Keep this attitude up and i’ll make it three.

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