🤣👍🏼 It's About Time!

“It’s not up to me to make those choices,” he said in a recent interview when asked about McDonald’s unhealthy reputation,

Great policy! Watch them try to use government to force it.


Going to have to “solve” the “gun crime epidemic” first.

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I’m totally on board with this.

Let the market decide if McDonalds should make healthier food.

I would, however, stop subsidizing ConAgra and Monsanto so we can break free of this artificial era where it’s cheaper to eat unhealthy than healthy.


Don’t see any reason the market will punish them if they don’t. Five Guys is doing really well.

What’s the big revelation here? “Business runs as business.”

I did add the real problem,government subsidies to companies like ConAgra and Monsanto that have created an artificial world where eating unhealthy is cheaper than eating healthy.

Stop with the corn syrup in everything.


No means no!

I agree with that.

That isn’t accurate. Doesn’t cost me more to grab a meal from Corelife Eatery than it does to get one from McDonalds for example.

I love the honesty.

“Yeah, we don’t do that and we’re not going to. We make bad hamburgers.”

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Buying, not eating.

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We don’t have “Corelife Eatery”.

Well it isn’t the only healthy option that can match McDonalds on price either. Why? Because vegetables, whole grains and beans are much cheaper than beef, even not so great beef.

But that’s not even the point of the article, which is the CEO partially making the case that they just sell what they sell and DON’T listen to consumer demand, despite then going on to give examples of how they make menu changes to meet consumer demand.

It’s sort of a strange article. “We don’t cater to consumer demand…except when we do like kid’s options and our deal to expand the menu to include Beyond Meat.”

Lol must be why they’ve been making their menu healthier for ten years.

I swear there’s no piece of corporate agitprop you guys won’t eat up. Healthier food has been the trend in the food service industry for a decade now.

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What he was basically saying was, they weren’t getting rid of the unhealthy stuff, as long as it sells well and will sell healthy stuff, if it sells well.

Look at him bravely pandering directly to y’all so you’ll get on social media and call it wokeness run wild. It’s about time!

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As I already stated:

I agree, I didn’t see anything particularly news worthy about it either.

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Aside from requiring they provide nutritional info, the government should pretty much get out of the way.

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