It's About The Land

Native Americans and Mexico would love that idea…Would you like to take it back for them as well?

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I love the idea when we giving North Dakota back to the Natives.

Where in Texas did BLM take someone’s land?

As far as Google will tell me, Cross Bar is the only BLM land in Texas. Who was it stolen from?

Small thinking. It was a general call to action in Texas. Corporations are part of and use the bureaucracy. It is time for land owners to stand up to grabs from every quarter. To fight back for property rights, water rights and against all other oppression. And for the courts to remember the Constitution.


If there was another Homestead Act in Nevada - who do you think would be grabbing up all that land?

Corporations, or cowboys?

The Federal government is never going to sell off their land holdings.

You could limit the people qualified under the act to families.
but even then that would never happen with Congress who are in bed with Corporations.

Then “families” will claim land, and immediately turn around and sell it to a corporation - or (to get around any legal hurdles) appoint that corporation as a manager of the property.

A listing of BLM oppression against ranchers in the Maheur area going back to 1970.

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Terms and conditions.

Even if so, so what? Corporations can create jobs.

Would it hurt to give the ranchers left there the grazing land instead of charging them for it? Or to simply not charge them?

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In 1980 the BLM attempted to take away Hammond water rights in court and lost. The law has been changed so the government will never lose water rights court cases again. In 1994 the BLM built an illegal fence around a Hammond ranch water source.

Real management of land.

It was a guy and his woman who did it.

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Of course corporations create jobs - but just a moment ago, you equated corporate takeover with government takeover.

If corporations destroyed Texas ranchers (with help from the government), why would turning Nevada’s public lands over to corporations be any better?

I don’t think it would hurt anyone - and I’d support a law along those lines.

In the Texas case, the corporations do not own the land.

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You’ll have to provide me with some additional details.

What land are we talking about?

Of course it would hurt someone. It would hurt the ones who want to confiscate the land and drive the ranchers out of business.

And give it to whom? If you say Native Americans…OK.

I gave you the complete case. Link titled “Texas”.

This is small thinking. There’s no boogeyman who wants to destroy ranchers.

It’s about interests. Money and power.

Not emotions.

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Is that the point? You believe the government wants to put ranchers out of business?