It's Abortion Provider APPRECIATION DAY!

St Paul city council and Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey have proclaimed March 10 Abortion Provider Appreciation Day! Three cheers for abortion!

Of course, none of these Democrat entities are actually pro-abortion. Oh, no. People just celebrate it. They “appreciate” it. They cheer in their state legislatures when they expand abortion availability. They pledge government payment of abortion procedures in their political campaigns.

All in the name of making it “rare”, of course.

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Ehhh, not my concern.

If we have a garbage man appreciation day does that make us pro-garbage?

We appreciate the service in a difficult profession.


Three cheers for abortion! Will drinks be served? To the pregnant ladies too?

They should have a punch card so like the 5th one is free.

Sometimes I think people look at the world like one of those hidden picture paintings and every hidden picture they find is a fetus. It’s weird how after religion couldn’t use segregation as an organizing and political tool that abortion replaced, after CRA and Roe.


Could be worse…could be the folks in Louisiana taking a sledgehammer to a clinic because they are ■■■■■■■ nuts.

Did they use molotov cocktails at all? I know that’s a tactic used by some pro lifers

what are some tactics used by abortion lovers?

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The Law.


It means you appreciate it. You appreciate their service. Which is killing children.


It means you appreciate him for what he does, get rid of your garbage.

This means celebrating people for performing abortions… in other words, celebrating what they do.


Their service is to provide medical attention. Much the same way you appreciate your obgyn. Imagine if every doctor decided not to provide those services.

It’s celebrate abortion provider day- not celebrate medical services day.


An abortion is in fact a medical service and one that is provided.

If they provided “medical attention” then it wouldn’t be ending an individual’s life without the consent of said person, would it?


Then why isn’t it celebrate medical services day?


The medical attention is to the person it’s being provided to.

Consent from an embryo or fetus isnt required by law and they dont have any legal rights generally speaking.

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And legality doesn’t mean morality. You’re ending the life of someone who cannot speak, and who has the potential to be something more and “recover.”

Also, any abortion that is for any reason other than the life of the mother, after 7 weeks, is not medical attention. It’s the dehumanizing practice of unnecessarily ending a human life. All because of convenience.



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Because whoever organized this, decided to focus on a particular speciality of a group of providers.

There is a National (Blank Speciality) provided day for a whole hell of a lot of specialties.

Heck National Doctors Day is March 30th. Feel free to celebrate that one if you don’t like this one.