Its 2019 where is the wall

Will Trump have his wall built before 2020 election? or will he run again on building it for 2024.

  • A Kentucky Army base will no longer receive a new middle school after $62.6 million in funding was diverted to President Donald Trump’s border wall, The New York Times reported.

  • The school, which would have served some 552 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, is one of 127 military construction projects that Pentagon officials said this week would be delayed or halted

  • In total, $3.6 billion in funding is being diverted towards Trump’s long-promised wall.

Don’t get conceited, Canada, you Snow-Mexicans are getting a wall too! lol

Your cool with Trump taking money away from building schools for military children to build his wall?

Not in Kentucky if Mitch can stop it…


But just Kentucky

Internal poll numbers must not be looking great…

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You can’t believe the NYT or CNN.

I have to imagine this to be the case. Especially given MoscowMitch’s op-ed about imploring the Democrats not to eliminate the legislative filibuster. While he is the Majority Leader. :flushed:

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See, it’s fake news. It’s only a delay, and it’s not like they don’t have a school. Don’t you guys get tired of being made fools of?


Is Moscow Mitch getting a primary challenger or is it just McGrath?

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But but but…they need new turf for the football stadium.


Dems voted for Ol’ Flexible’s Uranium queen. They don’t seem to remember…

Yes… I think the wall is more important than waiting another year or so, for a new school…

Has any dem come out with a border control plan?.. noooooo!


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The calculus may be changing.

A solid majority of polled Americans still do not support the president’s effort to build a border wall, even as support for allowing refugees from Central America — a group Trump has repeatedly demonized as violent criminals — has ticked up among all voter groups, even Republicans and independents. Additionally, the number of people supporting more immigration has grown from 21% to a record-high of 30% since Trump took office. Again, this includes Republican voters, who have gone from 11% in favor of increasing immigration in 2016 to 16% in favor in 2019.

Other Republican senators have been put in the unenviable position of having to defend their votes to support Trump’s raid on military funding in the lead-up to their own tough re-election battles. Martha McSally of Arizona, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Thom Tillis of North Carolina — three of the most vulnerable GOP incumbents up for election next year — will have to explain their capitulation to the president while facing spirited and well-funded Democratic opponents.

We may start to see cracks in the National Emergency that is not getting anything accomplished.


Do you think that every single article the NYT or CNN publishes is fake?

That every single article they publish is a lie?

Will you believe it when Kentucky newspapers confirm it?

Mexico needs to pass a big tax cut that way their economy will boom then they can pay for the wall

Mess with the money politicians bring home to their districts, and things begin to change.

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No, they need a place where:

-classrooms are not divided by partitions where students can hear other classes going on.
-huge classes
-kids having to eat lunch in the library because their cafeteria is tiny

This school has been in the works for some time now because there just isn’t room for all of them-it’s an old, dilapidated building that just can’t hold them all.

This is a NEEDED project, not a vanity sports project. And now, it’s being taken away for…a few miles of wall.

It is a better priority and I am delighted to see this change in spending.

It is a shame that this school is not locally controlled and paid for. Bigger shame to leave these kids with a busted immigration system.


Why would local taxpayers be paying for a middle school on a military installation?

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