It was warmer 1000 and 2000 years ago


I probably would have got that one wrong. :slight_smile:


The first time I was asked that, I got it wrong too,
Hang in there.


And I thought I was smart as a child. That’s not the answer I would’ve given.

I was learning about relativity at age 10 or 11, so I’m not too far off of that kid.


I am one of those guys. Man has some impact on climate, but it is insignificant. Before climate became such a hot topic(in the 60s, when there was more honesty), there was a news story about the average earth temperature rising some percentage of 1%. The focus of the story was the volcano that just erupted, and that in one day had reversed like 20 years of temperature rise.
There is simply too much money involved for me to believe any of the individuals involved.
The original researchers were caught fudging the numbers for their computer model.
There was cherry picking of sensors from around the world. Government agencies made adjustments to historical data “because it was not accurate”. Our former vice president flies around the world in his private jet, making millions of dollars crying wolf, or chicken little, you pick!
Co2 is not a pollutant, it’s plant food.
Too many researchers looking for grant money that more than likely comes from leftist controlled sources. What outcome can you expect?
Give me imperical data, not some computer hockey stick model with a consensus of like minded researcers using the same questionally sourced data to get the same result.

Another unmentioned data point, some of the areas that are supposedly being flooded by rising water, are in fact sinking. Verified by gps and moon reflective measuring. I do not doubt that there are exceptions.


You sure sound like you know what you are talking about. Are you a scientist perchance?


No, sadly. Just an old industrial engineer, that has been paying attention for a long, long time.


So do you disagree with Svante Arrhenius on the physics of CO2 and warming?


There’s very little hard data to be found from anywhere else during that period.


That again? Sheesh, get some new material already.

There’s nothing to show it’s any warmer now that it has been during any of the last four inter-glacial cycles at the same point in each of said cycles.

Arrhenius postulated a theory that simply cannot be proven.


Was he wrong?


You are correct sir, on every point.


Not even close but a good recitation of what I hear on the radio.


Actually, globally It looks like we are warmer now than during any part of this interglacial.


The climate is not heating up?


Neither he nor I said that, did we.


The focus of the story was the volcano that just erupted, and that in one day had reversed like 20 years of temperature rise.

The other poster said this. You agreed.

Is there a source?


So it is heating up?


Here’s a much more dangerous pollutant than carbon dioxide:


Quite likely. But why are you directing question about his post to me? Perhaps you should ask him.

Are you going to ask me about his grammar too?


Maybe, maybe not. Over what time frame are you interested in?