It was cool when things went our way . . . now "heal yourself" or we will restructure you!

It’s a sad day when you see people approving any party trying to intimidate the SC.
It’s one thing to go out on the campaign trail and talk about how important it is to get out and vote because the SC is at stake.
But to actually write a letter to the SC and threaten them that if they don’t rule the way the leftist want than they will fix it so the conservative leaning judges are silenced.
This is something that a dictator would do.
Why is it so important to the left that the citizens of the United States are disarmed?
Because this is what this is really all about they know that the minute they pass any bill that bans or confiscates guns that it will be taken up by the SC and they know that they will lose because it’s unconstitutional.

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Ronny is a bleeding heart Tree hugger. I mean look at how GOP think Clinton or Pelosi is a far-left socialist/communist when both of them are more pro-corporation right wing than even Ronny was.

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If this were reversed and Republicans were supporting something like this, most of the media would be talking about the “assault on Democracy” and the rise of fascism.


The Republicans literally did this in 2016.

Specifically McConnell.

I don’t know your age, but it is fair to say that in the sixties Earl Warren presided after a fairly liberal court… known particularly for its decisions protecting the rights of accused criminals. Conservatives have dominated the court for decades. That control would have been broken if Merrick Garland had been allowed a vote by Mitch McConnell… an action which underlies much of the progressive anger with the court… more than any decision.

They literally did nothing of the kind.
Ok. We have a Republican Senate right now and we have a Republican President.
“Literally doing this” would consist of Trump saying he wants a 15 member supreme court and is therefore going to appoint 6 new conservative judges and McConnell saying that would be just great.
That would be “literally doing this”.
If we need a 15 member SC, then why wait?

Seems both parties insist on the SCOTUS doing their bidding or they throw a hissy fit. I just think it’s funny that the people who supported Republicans denying a candidate a fair shake at even getting on the court are now feigning outrage at this.


There used to be at least a pretense that the courts were not being politicized, but that seems to be out the window, and it is not a good thing.

Was Earl Warren Impeached?
If this were just a group of extremist mouthing off, then that would be comparable. It is leading Dems.

Apparently many Dems take this as a reasonable thing to do.
They should never, ever use the word “authoritarian” when referring to other.

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They are campaigning on the make up of the court. A court that has been shaped by McConnell refusing to let any of Obama’s appointments through while changing the rules to cram as many of Trump’s appointments though as possible.

This is the new normal.

get used to it.


Well no dems are upset because mitch stole a seat when Obama should have been able to have a seat.

I fond it more interesting how you tend to get overly emotional about these things.

Nothing has happened now either.

FDR tested similar ideas and pulled them back. Doesn’t mean he was a socialist, a hater of the Constitution or much of anything else.

My point is everyone gets frustrated with the court.

You mean like when right-wingers pondered altering the number of justices on the court ("restructuring) were Hillary to win? Because that’s what some Rs considered doing if Hillary were to win…they planned to indefinitely block any of her nominees.


And Fox/talk radio would be silent/supportive.

Round and round it goes.

Well we dont have the old board so…who cares.

Remember when someone was posting things from the old board and you guys deleted it…

Claiming things from the old board is irrelevant now.

So if Dems want to pack the court with 6 new judges if they take the Senate and the Presidency, name a good reason…just one…why Trump shouldn’t go ahead and do that right now?
After all…if it is the new normal.

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There isn’t one.

he is perfectly free to try.

You take my opinion in all of this as being for it.

That is wrong.

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Even when it’s true? What about non-libs? Can they call “other” authoritarians?

This sorta reminds of the dumb meme that goes around from time to time about abortion and kids in cages-about how if you aren’t outraged about one you can’t be outraged about the other. What if you find both to be appalling? Why can’t the both be appalling?

Why can’t both sides have authoritarian tendencies?

Oh. Ok.
My mistake.