It was a short meeting

How many of his businesses went bust again?

At least he tells you he is a billionaire. Doesn’t pretend to be like the rest of us hiding behind their wealth

By looking at the comments, I had to look to quick look at the url again and make sure I wasn’t at Mother Jones, seems the conservatives have left the forum.


Let’s check in with the public to see who they believe is at fault for the shutdown…


Public overwhelmingly blames FAT DONALD.

Can’t imagine why.

Fake polls, Dems fault, federal workers who aren’t getting paid side with trump!

Some Trump supporters may have bailed on the site but there are still several good conservative posters (not usually the same as Trump supporters) here which is why I still check in from time to time.

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You don’t think they have kids in college?

Constantly defending fat donald will have that effect on people.

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That’s definitely interesting I would not have expected Republicans to send their kids to the liberal indoctrination of dysfunctional public schools of which they complain so much about.

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You’re hiding behind your wealth? Why?

You know who charges tuition? Public colleges and universities. Those are places where the majority of college students attend.

You’re welcome.

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LOL you think only private colleges charge tuition.

LA teachers poised to strike. I bet they wish they could get back pay or unemployment benefits.

You don’t think that some middle class folks don’t live frugally and cut other spending in order to send their kids to a private school?

I’m pretty sure he’s pretending to be a billionaire too.

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To add to this property values seem to be instrinsically tried to school quality so some parents live in lower cost neighborhoods but with worse public school and choose to invest in their children by paying for a better private school.

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It’s not the norm now us it?

“The U.S. Department of Education projects that in 2021, private schools will enroll about 9 percent of preK-12 students, while public schools will enroll 91 percent

I have to sign, honestly.

It is in bad form for the President to storm out of a meeting that was meant to come to a compromise on opening government institutions that were closed.

If this is how President Trump is going to act, then he is in for a rough 2 years.

I notice you keep ignoring the part about how parents pay for college

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