It was a short meeting

Schumer and Pelosi just exited today’s meeting. Schumer said that he again asked Trump to open up the government and then they could continue discussing the border situation. He said that Trump said no because if he did the Democrats would not do what he wants. Schumer then said that Trump asked Pelosi directly if she would fund the wall. When she said no, he said that this meeting was a waste of his time and walked out.
I remember that he wrote about walking out of a meeting in his book.


We want wall, nice and tall, a wall for all.

He has no leverage. He flopped on the Oval Office speech. People blame him for the shutdown.

If he wasn’t a narcissistic bozo, he wouldn’t have painted himself into this corner.


His leverage is a complete lack of interest in who he hurts.


That’s so exactly right.

He’s truly an amazing negotiator.


Is this the issue that causes him to start losing support from republicans in Congress?

Just heard Pence crying over and over about the humanitarian crisis on the border.

They expect us to believe that a humanitarian crisis could be occurring, and the US government would do nothing but shut down the FDA and Parks and argue for a wall that won’t appear for years.

■■■■■■■ idiots.



I like how they say border security when they want to mislead people. Trump doesn’t want border security, he wants a wall. Stop lying. It took to the third republican at the mic to say trump wanted the wall.

Trump sees the wall as a monument to himself.


If he is this great at negotiating with his own government, think of how amazing he is with foreign ones.


He needs to call Mexico, post haste.

Get them to pay for the wall.

Deals are my art form. Other people paint beautifully on canvas or write wonderful poetry. I like making deal, preferably big deals.

Showtime. The Mexican government will take his call; our treasury coffers are open.

Let’s see the master at work.

Those ■■■■■■■ democrat who refuse to come to the table.

i mean the table is flipped upside down and on the floor in pieces but its still the democrats fault!

He hasn’t gotten it through his thick skull yet.

There will be no wall. He can keep using it as bait for… those… type of Cons, but it’s never going to happen.

Ever. The longer he poops in his own shoe, the worse it gets for him.

Yeah pelosi just said federal workers won’t be able to pay their kids tuition. lol not all kids like her grandkids go to private schools

Fat donald, the great negotiator throwing a tantrum once again. Freaking idiot.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. WALLS DON’T WORK!!!
… … … … … … … Proof? There’s a wall around the White House and Trump still gets out.



Lol Not all kids like fat donald’s kids have a billionaire father/grandfather.

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who gets bailed out by the great grandfathers tax dodges

Everyone needs to sing along together with JT:

Oh, Mexico!