It Was a Gropelash!

CNN primetime host Don Lemon was accused of a bizarre, sexually charged assault of a bartender in New York’s tony Hamptons last year in a civil suit filed earlier this week.



If you’re famous, they let you.

Say it ain’t so Lemony-snickett!

Is there no end to the debauchery?

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Don “The Lecturer” Lemon? Oh, how precious.

What am I supposed to tell my children?

Lie to them…

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It’s always nice to see the consistency from our dear friends on the right when it comes to, well, basically any topic involving personal conduct. Gotta love the good faith arguments.

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What the hell is wrong with you?

Sent to the graveyard to die.

Don Lemon is a political figure. The voice of LNN.

Merge it with the farmer thread.

Man, if I had that answer, I wouldn’t be here talking to you people for free. lol

This is why I hate all the big national media guys. They openly criticise and lecture people…but they don’t have their own house in order…their are hypocrites…and I truly hope Lemon if guilty pays. As well as any media type who thinks they can get away with it. Bill O’Reilly anyone. Rush Limbaugh, Brian Williams, just to name a few! They all lose their credibility with me because no one will dare call out one of their own.

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I don’t take anyone seriously that tries to lecture people. Mr. Lemon is a perfect example of why.


He opened a broadcast with “The President is a racist”

But he’s not a political figure.

I wonder what his husband will say.

About half of the people caught up in #metoo have been liberal news media personalities.

This doesn’t surprise me at all.

Tell 'em to let Trump hug 'em like the flag!

And he was 100% accurate.

But if he did do this… he deserves to feel the same pain as every other public figure has. To hell with him

Yikes if true, a very assaulty pick-up move. Since it was in a bar just last year maybe there were witnesses.

When life gives you lemons…

Grope a bartender.