It takes "the right stuff" to be a competitive woman these days

Does it take balls to be a competitive woman?

Spot the best swimmer on Upenn women’s swimming team

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how does being trans give you advantage at Jeopardy

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This is where I have problems. I am okay with being Trans, do what you gotta do

But I don’t think it’s fair to have former men in women’s sports.

I have yet to find an example of of a woman transitioning, and going on to perform better if not dominant in their sport.


And can you spot the dominating basketball player on the team?

Screenshot 2022-01-08 235148

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start your own sporting league, why should the government force people keep trans woman out.

I didn’t say anything about the government or force.

It feels as if we’re in a weird underworld in the afterlife where down is up and up is down and good is evil and evil is good and men are women.

It’s just as well my teenage daughter lost interest in participating in sports except for working out at a local gym. With her school administrators seriously asking new students nonsense like preferred gender pronouns and charging with hate speech anyone who doesn’t want to comply with calling the male basketball player on the girls’ team she/her, sports participation can’t be as enjoyable as it may once have been.

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Your opinion on the matter is the mainstream opinion. I am on the right and am perfectly fine with people being trans they have been among us as long as I can remember I didn’t have a problem with it until as usual certain fringe groups started pushing the absurd. Trans in sports, men in dresses beating up girls, pumping steroids into children etc…

This is all from a minority group with a loud voice and some media backing. I saw the other day were JK Rowling couldn’t even go to the Harry Potter reunion because of her remarks on trans in sports yet they did poll after poll showing the vast majority agree with JK Rowling over Shezilla in sports why should she be the one excluded.



the op’er didnt say it did

This year has been not the first time that a biological male has competed at the Olympics.

There is also the case of Renee Richards who competed as woman in professional tennis at age 42.

A difference now is that people with unambiguously male anatomy are going to be knowingly allowed to compete as women.

Does this mean that women without male anatomy are going to become uncompetitive in many sports?