It sounded like a good idea at the time . .

Wrong thing, a condemnable thing to do.

Hopefully, we’ll reach the point as a country that we hold the President to the same standard of conduct that we hold two participants at a fundraiser for a State Senator.


You’re talking about something that actually happened.

We’ve moved on to “having a presidential assassination”.


I’ll say it, yes it is insignificant and the Secret Service won’t be interested. There is no threat to the president from some jackass with a squirt gun or whatever it is.

Who cares?

Really who cares…

I remember the couple of dozen threads you made about how upset you where that people where hanging Obama at protest marches…

Oh wait…that never happened.


“It is never funny to joke about killing a president.” Chelsea Clinton (in response to Kathy Griffin).

I agree with Chelsea.

he didnt mock anyones disabilities. that was a cnn driven ■■■■■■■■ narrative

he’s totally right about other countries

just because there wasnt a thread for every obama effigy hanging a thread cant be made about this?

why such anger?

hey quick question - was it inappropriate to show this mock assissination, and do you condemn it?

Agree. People should know better.

But then when i type “people should know better” i think that i’m surrounded by a handful of Trump supporters that make it their job to not know better.


Oh bull ■■■■■ This. That shrew holding up his severed head. “He needs an intervention”. One thing after another. He doesn’t start it. You © just don’t like it because he gives it back.

“Conduct of the President”? You © should be ashamed to post the word conduct after that ■■■■ show at the Kavanaugh hearings.


Odd how it is “people” doing this but it is ignored that this is a political fundraising event for a Senator.

What Republican Senator showed disrespect at this level to Obama at a fundraiser?

Imagine if a Republican had done the same. An apology would never suffice.


If you have time you should read the story before commenting. You might word your accusatory ‘Senator’ comments to align with what actually happened.

(Spoiler alert: The Senator was unaware and immediately issued an apology and condemned the behavior.)

Haha, like that matters……….

I know, right? It only matters when it is Trump or anyone associated with him.

Give the guy a pass. You certainly cannot be responsible for everyone’s behavior at your own fundraiser can you? Geeze!

The buck stops… OVER THERE!


It was sarcasm. The fact that the senator in question had nothing to do with the stupid incident will be and has been roundly ignored.

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Was Trump responsible for the white guy that punched a black guy at one of his rallies?

You believe that? Then why did he apologize?

As it should be. How can he possibly be responsible for those who were allowed entry to his fundraiser. How is he supposed to know and be held responsible for the distasteful actions of others at an event centered around support of him?

No one in their right mind would hold the actions of nitwits against the guy or in anyway think that they represent the man and his beliefs, would they?