It seems like we all can agree that a private sector Living/Common Wage is impractical?

In the past discussions on this topic it was my impression that there was general consensus that a government mandated private sector Living/Common Wage would be impractical. The fact is that a “living wage” is overwhelmingly tied to the number of children a person has. Should a maid with four kids be paid more than say a computer engineer who is single with no kids? Even talk about a $15/hour minimum wage especially in states like NJ would not be no where near enough to support two kids. This is a thing that sounds good for a talking point but I think we all agree would not be practical.

Basing you wage on the amount of children you have is impractical. However, if you get a job, their HR department should not hand you pamphlets on how to score food stamps and other government benefits.

I would prefer the minimum wage be tied to inflation.

Its not talk. Jersey is raising its minimum wage to 15 (incrementally of course)

I agree not a living wage in Jersey.

and living wage laws are silly.

everyone should get paid the same.


This seems to be a contradiction? Am I reading it correctly?

I dont think so.

In our office, we have single people and people who have 4 kids.

They all receive the same salary per hour.


Oh, I thought that you were saying that everybody in the country no matter what their job should be paid the same.

Why would anyone ever think that was a good idea, outside of the CEC trying to convince the minions that there is some sort of powerful coalition trying to lobby for it.

The point is that those (like Bernie Sanders) who argue for a living wage just assume that X dollar would be satisfactory for any person and that all employers can afford to pay whatever government determines X dollar to be.

I’m not sure what you are talking about? This is not something being pushed by the right, on the contrary this is being talked about by people like Bernie Sanders, AOC, and other politicians on the left.

Not Phil Murphy.

Minimum wage yes.

Living wage no.

Would never pass the NJ legislature.

Too radical.