It seems Joe Biden and DNC would be with Running With Kyle Rittenhouse was a Right Wing to win

It appears that Joe BIden fasley in his weak speech today has fasley claimed that Trump and the RNC has supported a right wing armed militia without referencing or naming pretty sure he was referring to Kyle Rittenhouse.

Joe Biden has claimed that Trump has not yet condemned yet we still dont know much about that case and a bit of ironic of Joe Biden and his team and DNC to be using Kyle Rittenhouse when considering the two victims and on victim that Rittenhouse killed was a Child Abuser with two sex offenses with a minor.

There is no evidence that Rittenhouse was with any fascist or right wing groups expect some that the kid actually loved working with the firefighters and local emergence teams. It is to early for any of the potical sides to be using Rittenhouse to score potical points.

I dont know the gun laws in Wi, but pretty sure you cant have guns if your 18/17. I dont support what Rittenhouse did but i dont support what the leftists mobs did to him or tried to him either, if they killed him first i doubt the media would care.

This Jacob person who he injured whined on social media how his only reglet was that he didnt kill him, the defense of Rittenhouse could actually use that in the trail.

I remember when a young black child was killed by armed blm in the area surrounding the Wendy’s where rayshard brooks was killed in Atlanta.

Not a word from biden or the media about blm violence, or armed black militias.

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White silence is violence.

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The “Law and Order President” refuses to weigh in and condem a 17 year old who illegally possesed a weapon and crossed state lines and shot 2 people.


Joe Biden said in his speech.

“Do look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters?”
Well then if Biden isnt a radical solcaist that is a soft spot for rioters why his afraid on mentioning their names yet?

Because its ongoing case. The leftist media would love to use it as a weapon but quickly ignored what happened in Portland.

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a 17 year old who illegally possesed a weapon and crossed state lines and shot 2 people

Where you get that nonsense from? his actually from that state.

What are you babling about? Biden came out very strongly against the violence on both sides and was clear that there is no place for violence.

Trump refuses to say anything about a 17 year old that had a illegal firearm, crossed state lines, and killed 2 people.


Where does he live?
Where did he shot the 2 people?
was it legal or illegal for him to be out on the streets with a loaded long gun?

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Very funny, comrade.

But all this is happening while Trump is the president. Joe Biden is just a private American citizen.


Biden is going to magically restore law and order and magically vanish end Covid and promised to have a mandatory lockdown. Because Trump failed to do so this your guy.

so any protestor they arrest he should not coment on since it will be a ongoing case?
So if Trump meations any arrest that is a open case you will agree he is wrong?

All this is happening in liberal states and cities under a dem leaderships which refuse to restore law and order and refuse any assistance from the govt.

Sure sure sure.

Ah yes protestor you going with again? you mean those peaceful rioters that had being burning and destroying stuff? i am sure they are all just very peaceful protestors alright.

All this is happening in Trump’s America. The buck stops at the top.


Yet Biden has not name the leftist groups nor has he called them out by name like Trump has.

Here is what i do know.

Under Trumps Leadership America has 10%+ unemploment, 2 trillion $$ in deficits, negative grown, civil unrest, increasing violence, and race riots.

He is unable to fix it and only blames others. Him and his suppoters say there is nothing they can do right now.
So I would vote for anyone at this point since Trumps strongest suppoters are saying he cant solve it.


Happening in democrat city under a democrat mayor which refuses to bring order what you want Trump to do?

You far liberals are ironic how you are defending your own failed mayors and leaders and still blaming for it.

So Trump is only president of Republican cities and states? Thats you position?

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