It seems democrats had validated my suspicion

Back before Nov election of 2018 I said if democrats win they will use congress as a political weapon against Trump and his supporters…and I was proven right.

You see libs don’t care one bit about American people, it’s all about power for them, they see goverment as a tool to maintain that power or to be used as a weapon.

The Blue wave poll of battleground house districts: oh let it be true 10-10-2018 - #3 by conan]

@zantax also nailed it.

So maybe today forum libs can tell us what have they done for American people? What have they done to improve the lives of ordinary Americans?

Because I haven’t seen it…what I have seen is just how predictable the left has become, their hatred and their lush for power for self serving purposes.

And that’s the sad state of democrat party.

Now deflect, deny and attack…because we all know that is all you have.


I keep hearing this argument, that the Democrats haven’t done anything.

This, in despite of the fact that the House has sent scores of bills to the Senate which are now sitting on McConnell’s desk collecting dust. Like raising the minimum wage or prescription drug cost lowering. The Democrats have been extremely busy passing bills and nothing is getting to the Senate floor.

And…that means the Democrats are doing nothing?

That doesn’t make a bit of sense, Conan. Not a bit.

Do better.


Emphasis mine…

First Question…

Was Trump asking Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden for his gain or the United States?

I’ll answer this question…

Are you talking about during the Trump administration or Obama’s?

I’ll give you 2 things Libs have done or will do…

  1. Reduced the deficit (during Obama)

  2. Attempt to remove President Me to give you cons a true conservative President Pence.


I think the damaging aspect is that the campaign money has dried up.

Trump won in 2016 with a fraction of the $$ the D threw at him.

He should fare pretty well in 2020.

I am interested to see how Congress takes its 2020 form.

The Congressional R should take advantage of the great opportunity they will have in 2020 to keep the US economy on track.


Really? So you’re admitting they didn’t do anything to work with Trump and senate?

Sending partisan wish list legislation to a SCIF is doing nothing.

Working is building across the D and R divide.


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Oh look, more deflecting

Too late.

Not enough time or justification to run the process.

It is all on Biden that he was deep in Ukrainian corruption as he tried to repair corruption. An odd way to address the problem if you ask me.

It is an unfortunate circumstance he is also one of 19 candidates early in the 2020 election cycle. Maybe part of the reason he skipped 2016.


Sort of like how the Republicans worked with the Democrats during Obama’s tenure.

Oh, wait.


What have you done for American people?

Simple question.


Please describe exactly what Biden did that was corrupt that Trump didn’t do himself?

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What have democrats done for American people?

what have Republican done for the American people.

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More deflection.

Nope why should the American people elect the Republican when they have done nothing.


On top of the dozens of bills sent to the do-nothing Republican Senate, they are exposing the deep secret Soviet Style Corruption in the current administration.

You’re welcome.


He gave a six hour ultimatum that was successful.


I don’t think Trump worshipers are actually looking to have a discussion, just whine and froth.


So you guys can’t name one thing?

It’s a simple question.

What have you done for American people?

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