It’s time for Congress to fund the Mollie Tibbetts border wall

Now that we have found another illegal entrant, who has all but admitted to being the killer of Mollie Tibbets, is it not time for Congress to draw up a clean bill to fund a border wall, and name it after Mollie Tibbets, who has been permanently separated from her parents by the hand of an illegal entrant?

For the dreadful story of Mollie Tibbets, CLICK HERE


There is no surer way to weaken, destroy and subjugate a prosperous and freedom loving country than by importing the world’s poverty stricken and criminal populations into that country and making the country’s existing citizens tax-slaves to support the economic needs of such an invasion.

My heart breaks for her family. I wish the GOP would stop using her as a political prop to get what they want. It’s disgusting.


We could have a long wall with sections named after victims of illegals. We should. Their blood was the food of liberals who whipped like minded voters into a frenzied turnout at the polls. Now it’s time they have their justice.


I thought Mexico was gonna get the bill?




sure as long as one section is devoted to Marla Maples

That would be a short wall!

We can have an even longer wall by using names of American women being killed by American men!


They don’t care.

Speaking of frenzied minds! Trump has done a number on the minds of his supporters as well.

I know. It saddens me. I had hopped this young lady would be found. Now she’s simply a pawn.

By the way, the killer… as vile as he is… is not an illegal immigrant. He is legally! See now it shouldn’t matter if Molly is killed, she can be unrecognized nationally just like ever other white women killed on a daily basis.

The fact that he was here legally is an inconvenient fact for republicans. It’s much better for their political game to lie in an effort to scare their base.

What’s higher, the % of illegals committing crimes or criminals in Trump’s orbit?

Can we continue to pretend Mollie’s killer was an illegal immigrant, or does it really even matter?

She was the same age as my daughter who I just took back to school on Sunday. The cavalier nature of Republicans has me somewhat irritated with their politicizing of her death.

You are a little premature in your expectation. The FAR (federal acquisition regulations) describe a slower more complete process where everyone is satisfied… the government, the contractor, the citizen protected by the wall, not just you.

There are very creative ways the government can recoup money from Mexico and they wont even know it. But we need to fund it up front so that more will not die at the hands of illegals.

That’s a creative what to say that Trump lied.

Who hired this “illegal immigrant “? Why did he have a job, car and a place to live in Iowa?

Its funny that Trump supporters think the wall will be built. You guys are being played. Its much more effective as a campaign issue/slogan to Trump than an actual accomplishment.