IT’S OFFICIAL: Two Norwegian Legislators NOMINATE TRUMP for Nobel Prize

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Two Norwegian lawmakers officially nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize following his historic summit with Kim Jong Un; praising Trump for his ability to bring the North Korean leader to the negotiating table.

According to Fox News, the pair of politician from Norway’s Populist Progress Party announced their decision within hours of Trump’s face-to-face meeting with the communist ruler, saying “Two Norwegian lawmakers have nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize after the Singapore summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.”

Trump’s potential nomination makes him eligible for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, as the 2018 process ended last January.

The last American to win the prize was former President Barack Obama, who won in 2009.

That will get libs panties in a twist…specially if Trump wins it.

They will be voting against a Noble Peace Prize candidate in 2020.
Always planing ahead, :wink:

Two ultra-right wing climate deniers with allegations of racism and intolerance. What a surprise!

Show your work.

Too funny.

The peace prize is a joke. It was when Obama received it, and long before, and it is now.

I agree with this. I think it lost its prestige back with Arrafat (sp).

That being said, they may as well award it to Trump just to see what it does to his ego.

I want libs to vote against Noble peace prize recipient.

Lol. Trump simpletons.

How can a war monger president like Trump be any more deserving of a Nobel peace prize than war mongering Obama was?

Obama was so undeserving of his Nobel.

To give one to Trump would be every bit as foolish.

What needs to be done regarding North Korea and South Korea would be to wait for 10 years, at least a minimum of 5 years AFTER an actual full legitimate peace deal is struck.

If then there is still peace on the peninsula then award Un and Moon the Nobel. It seems to me they would be more deserving than Trump.