IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump Signs Executive Order to End ‘FAMILY SEPARATIONS’ at the Border | Sean Hannity

President Trump officially signed an executive order Wednesday afternoon, effectively ending “family separations” occurring at the US-Mexico border where illegal immigrants are detained after crossing into the United States.

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Wouldn’t it have been better to force legislation? The Dems would have totally been exposed when they refused to go along. From all appearances, Trump caved to the media pressure. Sad.

Why on earth cave to the terrorists that threatened his son and grand daughter with kidnapping and rape? The hysterical leftist progressives win again with their spoiled child tactics.

I preferred POTUS Trump force Congress to fix the laws, but Chuckles Schumer ALREADY yesterday said he would not support a bill.

Democrats are just about attacking and obstructing, not doing anything to fix our laws.

All the Immigration Reform Bill being proposed in the House already HAVE THIS IN IT…but Democrats won’t pass it. They already showed they are LIARS.

Then we had even Republicans talking about putting forth a bill with JUST this in it. I DID NOT SUPPORT THAT, it’s a bandaid, not the solution.

So now the President stopped a bill for just this coming to the floor and can now focus on #ImmigrationReform to fix the problems we have - ALL OF THEM.

And it sounds like we need to send those #TrumpReinforcements in the #Midterms2018 and #RemoveDemocrats to get the laws we need passed, PASSED.

Except for, you know, the bill that the Democrats introduced two weeks ago and Schumer co-sponsored [1].


when you understand the liberal socialist do not want 1. peace on earth or 2. a good economy or 3. AN IMMIGRATION FIX----when you understand this you will understand why not one demorat voted for the tax cuts — why schumer goes on tv and tells the president to use an exec order to stop child separations then will stop the exec order they went on tv to get air time. THIS IS THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY-----let that sink in.

Judging by the replies, liberals should feel super wonderful.