IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump Declares National Emergency, Seeks $8 BILLION for Border Wall | Sean Hannity

President Trump addressed the American people from the White House Friday morning; announcing his plan to declare a national emergency and allocate upwards of $8 billion for new border wall funding.

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Trump fell for this Rope-a-Dope Bill by the Dems and condemned this country to more of the illegal plague.

So incredibly disappointed with this move by Trump. He said last year that he didn’t like the budget he signed and he would NOT be signing a bad one ever again. So now we’ll have months of delay, all the while we will be assaulted on our southern border.

Why the RINO McConnell didn’t push out a one week CR in order to give everyone time to read it is shameful. I really hope he intends to resign or the good people of KY dump his butt. He is a disgrace.

Think the National Emergency should include mandate that Congress must reform Immigration policies and regulations that would be enforceable and would also discourage illegal entry. It would be the only true method of ending this emergency. Judicial should side with Executive Branch in that the Legislative Branch has failed to do its part in this mess.