IT’S OFFICIAL: President Trump Formally Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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Eighteen members of the House of Representatives officially nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize Wednesday; formally submitting the required paperwork to reward the President for his role in fostering peace on the Korean peninsula.

The GOP legislators -led by Rep. Luke Messer- sent the nomination to the Norwegian Nobel Committee this week, the organization behind the coveted international prize and outlined how Trump directly impacted North Korea’s recent announcement to suspend its nuclear and missile programs.

“Although North Korea has evaded demands from the international community to cease its aggressions for decades, President Trump’s peace through strength policies are working and bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula,” said the letter.

“We can think of no one more deserving of the committee’s recognition in 2019 than President Trump for his tireless work to bring peace to our world,” the lawmakers added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham was the first to call for Trump’s peace prize; saying if North Korea and South Korea formally end the 68-year-long Korean War the President should be at the top of the list.

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Trump is cool :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Nominating doesn’t mean squat. I certainly hope the committee does not double down on stupid by voting for another undeserving American President for a Nobel Peace prize.

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Your Messiah received one for being nothing more then your Messiah.

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I know you can’t have directed that post at me since Jesus Christ has never received a Nobel Peace Prize, and he is the only Messiah I have.

Regardless who it was directed at Donald Trump is still totally undeserving of receiving one as much as Obama was.

I have little doubt Trump will always be undeserving.


Based upon what, though? When he actually gets peace between the Korea’s and we see evidence of dismantling Kim’s nuclear arsenal, then I could see this nomination as having merit.

Well, I guess Trump is every bit as deserving as Obama was at the time he received his Nobel Peace Prize.

Although that bar is a bit low …

It really isn’t an “Official” Nobel Nomination, since the Nobel committee does not announce nominations for 50 years and they will not confirm currently accepted nominees.

Neither were deserving of being nominated. Trump certainly is equally undeserving as Obama was to receive the prize.

But hey, look how low, as you said, the Nobel voting committee set the bar.

I literally do not personally know a single person, including myself and those on this forum, who actually thinks he deserved it.

Technically it is, as members of national governments are invited to submit nominations, of which there are probably hundreds.

Senator Graham, and the other idiots who nominated Trump, should have waited until peace in Korea was a reality, and if it was the two Presidents of the two Koreas who worked it out they would have deserved a co-nomination.

Trump is not counting chickens before they hatch with the N Korean deal. He probably thinks this nomination is jumping the gun. Let’s see if the Korean deal works.

Of course he deserves it if he succeeds if a final agreement is reached.

Officially the Korean War is over, but that alone does not yet assure the success.

I’m sure he is just as disgusted over the faux award Obama received.

Watch the evil leftists nominate Comey and Mueller.

Make the Nobel Peace Prize great again.

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I could see that (like Begin and Sadat in '78).

The nomination was submitted by officials, that does not make it an “official” Nobel nomination. They may have or might reject it out of hand.

Are we really supposed to impressed that 18 GOP lawmakers “nominated” (note ironic quotation marks) Donald Trump for a Nobel Prize? Is this serious?


The Peace prize is a joke and basically a Fake Nobel.

What, specifically, has he done that would warrant the award?

Sure it does. All nominations are considered by the committee which will then whittle them down to “the short list”, which is [probably] what you’re talking about.

He threatened “Fire and Fury”, called Kim childish nicknames, and tweeted about how much bigger his button is.

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