IT’S OFFICIAL: Ohio Certifies TRUMP-BACKED Candidate WON Special Election

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Ohio’s Secretary of State officially certified this month’s apparent victory of Trump-backed GOP candidate Troy Balderson over his Democratic challenger Danny O’Connor Friday, reports Fox News.

The Republican candidate maintained a razor-thin margin over his liberal opponent; beating O’Connor by 1,680 votes or 0.8%.

The results fall below the 520 votes that would trigger an automatic recount throughout the state.

Balderson declared victory on August 7th despite the close margin, thanking the President for his help throughout the campaign. O’Connor slammed the Commander-in-Chief’s involvement in the race, saying the President simply “doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Balderson will have to defend his seat in the upcoming midterm elections, with Trump predicting a massive victory in an already competitive race.

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