IT’S OFFICIAL: Elizabeth Warren Releases Results of Full DNA Test | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator and potential 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren officially released her DNA results Monday morning; effectively ending years of speculation surrounding her unsubstantiated claims of her Native American ancestry.

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How interesting and just prior to mid-term elections, see where I’m going with this? My first question is: Knowing how corrupt the Democratic Party is, I mean rigging elections and all, what’s the chance this guy Carlos Bustamante of Stanford who conducted the test is himself a Democrat! Ummmmm that would explain the out come would it not? Second: Why did she wait so long to have this “So called” DNA test? Could it be she was out seeking a sympathizer who would willingly altar the results, wouldn’t surprise me simply because she’s a corrupt Democrat and they are infamous at doing the lawless unthinkable. I’m just an average guy and I (DON’T) believe her one bit. Have her render a DNA under close and controlled scrutiny, and unaffiliated with both political parties like FBI evidence is handled, then probably it may be true. Until then, well, Phonyhauntus shut up and fade away.