IT’S OFFICIAL: Elizabeth Warren Launches 2020 ‘Exploratory Committee’ | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator and outspoken Trump-critic Elizabeth Warren officially launched her “exploratory committee” for a potential 2020 run for the White House Monday; saying most Americans “want the same thing.”

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Well - she will probably get the native American vote… oh, that’s right… she was disavowed by the Cherokee Nation.
On a more serious note - the fact that she even thinks she has a chance of being nominated let alone win just shows me once again how out of touch the democrats are with reality.

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She’s got about 1/1024 of my trust. If that’s enough to make her Native American then it should be enough to get her the vote too. Yikes!

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I think her “Exploratory Committee” will have to report that she is wrong and the people don’t like her.

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Living proof Senators should never run for President since the 17th Amendment was passed to give progressives too much power. Repealing the 14th, 16th and 17th Amendments would go a long way toward giving us our country back.

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Will she be using a movable teepee on her campaign and a replica of John Smith? The fact that this moron is thinking about 2020, is psychotic in nature!

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Hey Jerry, how you doing? Have a great New Year!


Elizabeth is delusional! Yea, please do run! Then we’ll be assured another 4 years! I will NEVER again vote for another Democrat

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Heck yes she should run, and have her pick the two-time loser possibly three Biden as a running mate. Hell yeah see what Hillary’s doing so we can laugh at her again trying to be serious and honest.

she will never ever see my vote!!liars and an idiot

Maybe she will be streaming from her kitchen Native American recipes her grandmother taught her, after all she is 1/1024 Native American!

Yes, Elisabeth Warren is looking at running in 2020. She celebrated by drinking a beer! Don’t know if it is a Bud, Coors or Chang??? We have to know, a question of “Transparency”. Drinking foreign beer, what a scandal???