It looks like Biden's invitation is being accepted

Oh no not a bunch of people walking two thousand miles in chancletas to possibly come here.

Lettin it all hang out.


“Further investigation reveals that the CIS is a conservative, anti-immigration organization”

No bias at all in the linked OP article…:roll_eyes:

The usual immigration fear mongering from the right and now that Biden is president it’s going into overdrive.

Well we’ve been there for awhile.

You already posted a similar thread just 5 hours ago

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If you don’t like the thread dont participate. Pretty simple really.

,Oh hey there Southern Poverty Law Center…

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The thread is based on a caravan that according to the article is only theoretical and doesn’t actually exist yet.

Be very afraid of the people fleeing violence and poverty.

I never understood the hang up over the SPLC. Can you elaborate? (not sarcasm)

They document hate group activities. It hurts some people’s feelings.

That was my understanding as well. I was just curious if they were caught up in anything, like falsifying information on reports or giving inaccurate information due to bias.

Oh, the faithful. The SPLC loves you guys.

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They don’t walk.

“They” don’t do anything, there is caravan. The entire thread is based on the Guatemalan government anticipating something that might happen sometime in the future

The Guatemalan government can see them loading up.

Glad we could agree.

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No they can’t. It hasn’t even been formed, they are speculating

America, you’re nothing special.

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Sure they can. It’s not hard.