It looks like a corpse can be a senator nowadays!

How pathetic is this?

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“They push her wheelchair, remind her how and when she should vote and step in to explain what is happening when she grows confused. “

Is she planning on pulling a Jeremy Bentham?

She and Fetterman exchange notes.

RBG did the same sort of thing.

I’ll add that I consider McConnell to be in the same boat. He has been so for years.

I had to look this one up! How about some one make a new movie “Weekend at Biden’s” she and Joe could be the two main characters!

This actually has been going on for a very long time.

It is only an issue now because missing Senators effect the balance of power in the Senate.

Carter Glass was gone from the Senate for three full years.

Many other cases of disability with members out for extended periods.

Unfortunately, only a Constitutional amendment can remedy this issue.


strom thurmond jr.

i agree. her time is past.


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If we can rationalize Santos then why not Feinstein?

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Sounds a lot like Joe “what’s this thing I’m I signing now?” Biden. :wink:


We aren’t rationalizing Santos though.


Is that the Royal we? Because there are copious posts about leaving him alone due to the narrow lead held by the gop in the house

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Can you quote any?


Can’t wait for the spin


Weak …

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Remember when the left had a corpse making SCOTUS rulings while her bed pan was being emptied for her?



Of course :joy:

At least you admit it …

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One of my favorite quotes about getting older is that “when i was 12 and my dad was 40, i thought my god 40 is so far away and I’ll never be 40. Well now that i am almost 40 i still don’t feel 40. I still feel 12. May be there are no adults. May be there are just old sickly balding boys and girls.”

It still often feels like i am arguing the school aged kids. I do it too by the way. I act childish tooo. Guess that’s what makes this so much fun.

This is all about not letting Newsom appoint what would become the incumbent senator from California. Schiff wants the seat, but Newsom would probably make a diversity appointment, denying Schiff the potential to compete effectively for the seat.