It is good to have an opinion

It is better to be able to substantiate your opinion with evidence.

Talking points are not facts, nor are closing arguments, they are emotional appeals.

if someone disagrees with your stated and unsubstantiated opinion it does not reflect on your point of view.

it does however reflect on your reasoning.

I am often times called a trumpster, even after repeated anti trump rants.

today I am a white nationalists even though I am of Hispanic descent.

There is no evidence that Trump is a racist in his actions. Just talking points promoted by nefarious actors.

generally I posted a wall of text or a link to underpin a position.

if your position is solid you can find supporting articles. if someone points out another article that differs in conclusion that is debate.

if you only want talking points watch MSNBC or CNN

Definition of talking point

: something that lends support to an argument
also : a subject of discussion

Yep I want talking points.

is that the only definition?

A talking point in discourse is a succinct statement designed to support persuasively one side taken on an issue . Such statements can either be free standing or created as retorts to the opposition’s talking points and are frequently used in public relations, particularly in areas heavy in debate such as politics and marketing.

You have self hate? Why?

And the problem with this is?

People that ‘‘complain’’ about talking points are admitting they have no valid argument against them.

different thread.

the economy is the best of all time, is that a fact, I think not. is it a talking point?

quite the contrary,

It’s in the OP, should be discussed here.

I was called a white nationalist in a different thread.

But in the OP you said ‘‘today I am a white nationalists…’’ a declarative statement.

No. It’s a lie.

line before that says I have been called a trumpist,


but it is an often repeated talking point.

Or Fox, or Breitbart, or Daily Caller.

Let’s at least be consistent, please. When you continually call out one side for behavior all sides engage in, it undermines your point about having an informed opinion.

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Irrelevant, you’re deflecting again. And there is NO context. The OP isn’t as clever as you believe it is.

BW, everybody knows that all right wing talking points are lies, why point out the obvious?

don’t you have some cookies to bake?

You should read the new mod posting at the top heading. It talks about going personal. :wink: