IT BEGINS: Pelosi BACKS DEMOCRAT Demand for Trump's INTERPRETER to Testify

Originally published at: IT BEGINS: Pelosi BACKS DEMOCRAT Demand for Trump’s INTERPRETER to Testify | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi praised her fellow Democrats’ demands for the President’s interpreter to testify before Congress Thursday, saying Putin is Trump’s “puppeteer” and calling on the Commander-in-Chief to apologize for his “disgraceful and dangerous” summit.

“We meet today at a very sad moment for our American democracy,” said the former Speaker of the House during her weekly press briefing Thursday. “On Monday, the entire world witnessed President Trump cower in the presence of Putin. I sadly beseech President Trump to apologize to the American people for his disgraceful, dangerous, and damaging behavior with Putin in Helsinki.”

“Putin appears to be President Trump’s puppeteer and that day in Helsinki he shined the light on the strings,” she added.

Despite Pelosi’s claims and the mainstream media’s attacks against the White House, new polls show a vast majority of Republicans supporting Trump’s Helsinki summit, with 80% of GOP voters approving of the President’s meeting with Putin.

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