IT BEGINS: Pelosi BACKS DEMOCRAT Demand for Trump’s INTERPRETER to Testify | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi praised her fellow Democrats’ demands for the President’s interpreter to testify before Congress Thursday, saying Putin is Trump’s “puppeteer” and calling on the Commander-in-Chief to apologize for his “disgraceful and dangerous” summit.

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Democrats on here who vote… (Keep in mind that many of the wacko lib commenters on here can’t vote in the U.S. bekez they don’t live here)… Honorable Dems: You put these people in awfice. Is it axing too much of you to put them OUT of office? Hmmm?

We’re not talking about the venerable old TV show, KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS with Art Linkletter. We’re talking dizzy democrat members of congress who swore an oath that they weren’t dogbutted stupid and traitors to the nation to boot.

My compliments to Nancy.