IT BEGINS: Ocasio-Cortez Suggests GIVING VACANT APARTMENTS to NYC'S Homeless

Originally published at: IT BEGINS: Ocasio-Cortez Suggests GIVING VACANT APARTMENTS to NYC’S Homeless | Sean Hannity

Liberal superstar and Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez raised eyebrows throughout the Big Apple this week, seemingly suggesting New York officials dole-out vacant apartments to the city’s homeless population.

Cortez was commenting on New York City’s escalating homeless crisis on social media; bizarrely claiming that “for every 1 person experiencing homelessness here, there are 3 vacant apartments,” adding we need “bold 21st century solutions.”

Cortez found herself in hot water in recent days after she referred to Israelis as the “occupiers of Palestine” and claimed the US unemployment figures were low because Americans were working “2 or 3 jobs.”

total nonsense!!! these apartments should be going to farmers instead


Keep talking sweetie pie.

You know if you want someone to get a job and improve their life they kinda need a home.

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They should move to where the jobs are plentiful and the houses are affordable.

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How are the owners of those apartments going to feel about the city confiscating their property for homeless housing? And is there any chance those people vote?

I hear the jobs are plentiful in California.

What “begins”?

We’re doing alright. I think we’re up to the fifth largest economy in the world.

Cool. We’ll see s then all your way. The weather’s nice enough out there that housing is optional.

Weather nice enough that housing is optional? It’s going to be 118 degrees outside today where I’m going.

It’s a truism that any thread title that starts “It Begins…” means nothing is beginning.

Also when a Republican posts a link from a dubious source making outlandish claims that can’t be verified anywhere reputable but still starts a hair on fire discussion beginning with “If True, …” then it’s not true.

New York already has a shelter program, wherein it gives apartments. It could be expanded and funded further. It’s not as if “giving homeless apartments,” is something new not just in New York but in many urban areas

“Just some girl.” You guys and your diminutives

How about her own twiiter account?

Will that make you believe it’s what she said?

It begins . .

You have a dem candidate in NY (see her twitter feed link) calling for homeless to be GIVEN (rent free) apartments.

Then you have a congress critter in California saying any rent over 30% of your income should count as a tax credit on your federal taxes (if you make under 100k income that is).

Why we need to keep dems out of office and republicans in office.

Then they won’t freeze to death.

well obviously it’s not free. tax payers would need to be pay it. i say we cap it at something reasonable like 12 billion.

Who are you quoting? Because I did not say that.

You think sweetie pie was less diminutive?