IT BEGINS: Nancy Pelosi Says THE MEDIA ‘Undermining’ Her Chances of Becoming SPEAKER | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi weighed-in on the growing number of Democratic lawmakers refusing to back her candidacy for Speaker of the House this week, bizarrely suggesting the media was “undermining” her political future.

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Her “DEMENTIA” is what’s stopping her!!

So if republicans say let’s resist the president it’s racist, if democrats say let’s resist they are for the people. Does anyone see something wrong with that thinking?

One question for the pelosi, have the demoncraps even fixed Flint, Michigan? They have had water problems now for 3 to 4 years, to anybody that doesn’r know, Michigan is predominately controlled by demoncrats. So let me get this straight, the demoncraps can’t even resolve the water issues in 1 small district in a state, yet you all think you deserve more power?

Pelosi wants to be speaker because she wants Airforce plane to fly her back and forth to Washington from San Francisco and then she can run up booze bills close to 100k a year.

Seems she may be on to something.

No, old age and Alzheimer disease is what is destroying her chances. Term Limits!!!

Strikingly similar to Hillary Clintons’ whining. Everybody’s fault but her own. A clone perhaps?

Now she knows how all the gop feels, especially trump, when the media undermine adn lie

Nancy Pelosi can blame anyone all she wants.But she should of been gone long ago.She made a career out of being there and neglected her public duties.She became a special interests instead of a patriot.And if you look at her shes mentally deranged.

I’m outraged. The fake media is biased against her. If Democrats take the House, she definitely needs to represent them to the American people.
Hillary 2020.