IT BEGINS: Kirsten Gillibrand Becomes FIRST SENATOR to Call for Abolishment of ICE | Sean Hannity

New York Senator and possible 2020 contender Kirsten Gillibrand became the first US Senator to call for the abolishment of ICE this week, saying the agency has become a “deportation force” along the US-Mexico border.

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I think we should abolish the Democratic Party ! All they need to do is get past their hate and do the work they were elected to do. If I didn’t do my job I would be fired ! Get behind the president and if they don’t agree then see if he gets voted out. Chances are he won’t but then they will truly see what the American People want rather that what they think is good for us. They work for us, not the other way around. They do nothing and get paid for it. Hell, I want to run for office !

Tired of hearing them praise Illegals !

utube for clinton/hitlery/schumer/obama—on their immigration comments—THEY ALL SAID WE HAD TO STOP THE ILLEGAL. NOW??? the JFK party has turned socialist and if you want to know our future if we support these communists----check out Cuba/Venezuela or any country that went socialist—YOU LOSE ALL YOU HAVE AND ESP YOUR FREEDOM----there is no free in freedom. no ice = open borders = no country.