IT BEGINS: Group of 16 U.S. States SUE Trump Administration over ‘National Security’ Declaration | Sean Hannity

A group of at least 16 separate states led by California officially filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration Monday; effectively blocking the President’s “national emergency” declaration to secure upwards of $8 billion for border security.

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As usual, these deranged Grandstanders have convinced themselves they have the support of their constituents. Since I’m in Colorado, I looked at Polis’ facebook page and the opinions posted show otherwise.

These arrogant Grandstanders, shoving their opinions on everyone else and demanding everyone toe the line is why so many have #WalkedAway.

Let me guess. 9th Circuit again. Time to take that apart. When it reaches SCOTUS Ginsburg must recluse herself for her anti Trump statements and bias. If Libs have a problem a Judge having ties to K of C we have problems with her hatred toward President Trump

They said not a word when Obama invoke a ‘national security declaration’ at least a half dozen times, but they get all bent out of shape when it is Trump. And Trump is even doing it for the Right reasons.