IT BEGINS: First Democrat-Majority Bill to Target Trump Tax Returns in January

How the hell am I supposed to know I’ve never seen them. Maybe theyll find some business dealings he has lied about. What are you so afraid of? Maybe theyll find a bunch of donations to the Clinton Foundation lol

HYou sure put a lot of words in people’s mouth to make silly conclusions.

I do believe that Mueller probably has trumps returns, and that they are being gone over. Note the number of specialists in money laundering and forensic accounting in Muellers team.

You should read my synopsis of what the Democratic legislation proposal is really about and not fall for the bot click bait version.

As we can now see, it’s important for the President to not have financial conflicts of interest. US foreign policy is directly affected because of the Presidents financial and criminal conflicts with regards to Russia and Saudi Arabia. The President is in direct conflict with his own government and those of US allies because of his conflicts of interest.

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42 GOP senate seats were not even up for election, but Democrats won 24/35 senate races, gained 40 seats in the house, and have a lead over Republicans in the House/senate popular vote by more than 8/12 million votes.


we both know if his tax returns were non compliant, and if he was financing the evil guard of the world, It would have never gotten by Obama’s IRS Goons. He and the others would have done what they have done before and spread it all over God’s green earth. As far as lost the house? Don’t get to comfortable, I don’t think that is something you will hold onto for long…and the way the Liberals, "American Soviet Socialist government is going it may be very short term.

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Releasing your tax returns as part of a presidential run, or being president, isnt so that we can double check the IRS’s work. It’s to note any conflicts of interest, say if Trump was lying about business dealings or income with various foreign entities, like Russia or Saudi Arabia. Is he still under audit or is that another lie to everyone’s face? What’s he hiding?

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You don’t speak for the whole counttry.

The voting did!

And what do you imagine the voters want?

You do relize that the minority party usually picks up seats in the mid terms.

They don’t need to be looking for a “crime”.

That is the beauty of it.

They don’t need to state a crime has been committed to look into anything they want.

Besides, the Trumplican Congress wasn’t protecting his tax returns because they thought he had committed a crime, right?


No, he doesn’t, but the whole country of electors that wanted to speak sure did!

Ooh! Deflection!


Just the ones that pop up on their witch hunter radar.


And how are these mid-term elections any different Obamas mid terms when he lost seats as well?

I’d like to see the tax rerturns of every single polotician in Congress.

Let’s see what crimes we can uncover


Not much.

Except for the R’s and D’s of it all.


Sorry. Your side had control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency, your opportunity to demand that deal has expired, officially, come January 3rd is it?

Easy to deal with. Trump would veto such a bill and then it would take 67 Senators to override the veto while Democrats only have 47 Senators.
I suppose the House bill would be symbolic…like of how Democrats would rather play politics than propose laws that would really help people.

Have fun with that

Just like the REPUBLICANS who voted over 60 times TO TAKE AWAY healthcare for millions and to take away pre-existing condition coverage legislation FROM EVERYONE.


Oh well, they did pass that tax bill so that lady Paul Ryan spoke of could afford that $60 Cost Co membership.

While the average tax break for the $1 million dollar club would allow them to buy 303 Shares of Cost Co @ $231 dollars a share.

Or. With the $1 million dollar club tax break that person could purchase 1 year Cost Co memberships for 1166 of their closest friends and families or peons who work for them.


So get the tax returns looking for a crime, not trying to prove he committed one they know of then. Is that really the job of congress or a law enforcement agency of ANY kind?