IT BEGINS: Elizabeth Warren Introduces ‘ACCOUNTABLE CAPITALISM ACT’ | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced new legislation this week; unveiling her ‘Accountable Capitalism Act’ that seeks to make the nation’s largest companies “more accountable” to local communities than “shareholders.”

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I do not care for Pocahontas but the act sounds like a good idea. You see back before 2007 things were better in our economy and people were more abundant.
The large corporations and their Globalist owners do not care about the working man. We are to them expendable like soldiers are to the Globalists intent on wealth power and more control.

Are movies about corporations running the planet prophetic or fact today?

It’s always about the rich with the Democrats.President Kennedy used to say it’s not how we divide the economic pie,but how we enlargen it.That means you don’t take away from some to give to the other and expect your doing something for the economy.The rich helps the economy.They provide jobs.They are not the problem.It’s the Democrats and their socialist ideas that’s the problem.Raising taxes is always the answer.Well President Kennedy said something about that too didn’t he?They don’t listen.Elizabeth Warren is an idiot.Sorry,but she is.

Sounds like another bullcrap socialist scheme from the fevered brain of Pocahontas. You referred to her as a firebrand, the only coming from her is her hemorrhoids…