IT BEGINS: Democrats Eye Spring 2019 for First Presidential Debates

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Democratic presidential hopefuls eager to take-on the President in 2020 will likely hold their first public debates in the Spring of 2019; setting the stage for a high-stakes showdown between the progressive challenger and Donald Trump.

“The first Democratic presidential debate is still months away, but the sprawling field of prospective contenders is beginning to grasp a crushing reality: Any candidate who fails to make the cut for the first debate stage is likely to see their candidacy implode,” writes Politico.

“By the early spring at the latest you’ll be seeing debates, and I think probably in the first quarter of 2019,” said former senior Obama aide David Axelrod. “I think the sense of urgency among Democrats, and the sense of possibility among potential candidates is such that you’re going to see that.”

Political insiders predict the first round of Democratic debates will mirror the 2016 Republican primaries, with over a dozen potential challengers eager to take-on President Trump.

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Let the games begin.