IT BEGINS: Cortez Says ‘ULTRA WEALTHY’ Will Pay for Universal Healthcare, Free Education | Sean Hannity

Liberal superstar and NY Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found herself in more trouble this week, bizarrely suggesting the “ultra wealthy” and large corporations will pay for universal healthcare and free education across the United States.

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We already tried that under Obama. Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

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Sean and many other Rightie’s sure seem all flustered and scared ■■■■■■■■ of Ocasio-Cortez, one little upstart Leftie.

It is funny how Republicans seem to be trembling in their boots over “this girl…or whatever she is” as that misogynistic bigot, or whatever he is, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) seems to be.

Perhaps he should pay attention to his Florida constituents needs instead of sticking his nose into New York politics.

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So called universal healthcare has proved disastrous. Those with private insurance & cash tend to get to the front of the line.

As for penalizing so called ultra wealthy & individuals & charging them more, why doesn’t she look at nearby Connecticut, last I heard #44 as far as ease doing business?

Various employers closed up shop & moved to nearby Massachusetts, ranked #22, or left the region altogether, leaving their employees either forced to move with the job or unemployed.

And that universal healthcare nonsense? I’m still seeing billings for patients with no insurance. Gee, I thought everyone was supposed to end up with some sort of insurance under Obamacare. Guess not.

What she has to offer is like cancer. Many of us conservatives don’t want it going beyond the in situ stage.

Actually we on the right are rooting for cooks like this. The more that these far left extremists win their primaries, the more republicans will be elected in the general election. The Dems need to go govern fairytale land…that is the only place their ideas work.

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Sean. Help me out.

Who are you hoping to influence with this excellent post? The forum here is like 99.89% MSDNC programmed lib fugitives from Huffpo. They LOVE and ADORE and AGREE with Democratic Socialist candidate Alexandria Occasional-Cortez. This is GREAT news to them. They’ll all be bragging on your conversion to common sense and reason. OF COURSE de rich folk sposed to pay their fair share. 100%.


The Heritage Institute rankings are BS.

Are you sure this isn’t a comical skit? I mean Com’on this can’t be a serious contender for Congress. Her philosophy and astuteness in political matters are childish and inaccurate to the point of all out humor. Who briefs this Alexandria Cortez, Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters? Look if you’re going to run for Congress, at least have the dignity and self-respect to know what the hell you’re talking about, get your facts and figures together. Quirky little smiles, gestures and rolling of the eyes does not get one elected, it’s being politically educated and well informed that does it. To the Facebook Gestapo; This is not intended to be demeaning, threatening, or bullish - just informative.

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Yet every country with universal healthcare ranks higher than us in health outcomes. And they do so for about half the cost. These talking points have been debunked a zillion times, yet conservatives just can’t manage to discuss the issues using facts.

USA Today just published an article where it shows we are ranked dead last for childbirth mortality for developed nations. MAGA!!

There obviously using her to paint the whole left as far left loons, just as the left does republicans effectively with Trump at the helm.

They will just run with socialist label they know it’s toxic regardless of what word comes before it.

Even if she won a landslide victory she would only be one vote in the House out of 435 votes, and she would no doubt not have any assignments of any import given to her even if by some odd chance the House is flipped come November.

Why the Right Wing press and punditry all out blitz to attack her?

Sure, disagree with her politics if the topic comes before you, but this has been so much more, even here.

Many people, like DeSantis et al, are not just going out of their way (from Florida) to attack her politics, but to make the attacks against her personal as well.


Could be. They are making her the proverbial “poster child” for their causes. But I sense more. I sense real fear of this Left Wing upstart.

She likely won’t even win in the general, but they get chills she might, or it seems so to me.

Oh I definitely think this is the path a lot of democrats are taking. I think we could all see it coming with Sanders. Republicans however are going to paint them as the far left, and the ‘socialist’ tag doesn’t help, a name change would be better. Imho

Social Reformist?

Who doesn’t like reform?

She should be more careful and not use terms like “fair share” when trying to get her point across. That is unless her goal is to only appeal to the far left.

She only needs to appeal to an adequate number of voters in her district. She should try to lay off national and international politics until she is actually seated in the House, or at least until she has made a dedicated effort to learn about the nation and the world.

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She’ll win and it won’t be close. NY 14th went 77-20 Clinton over Trump and is 50% Hispanic.

I never count my chickens before I have even seen the eggs.

She’ll do fine, she is a very charismatic character and very pretty plus the demographics in her region will back her. She will probably be in Congress a long time.