IT BEGINS: Brick Thrown Through Republican Party HQ Window, ‘ABOLISH ICE’ Graffiti Left | Sean Hannity

Unidentified assailants smashed the windows of the Nebraska Republican Party Headquarters in Lincoln late Monday night; spray-painting the words “abolish ICE” beneath the damaged building.

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It only took eight years of a Marxist president to bring us to third world Country status. We’re going to have a Civil War, the Democrats are assuring everyone of that by acting like a bunch of lunatics. This time we need to eliminate liberals completely. If they want to start ■■■■, we’ll give it to them.

This is plain and simple inciting riots and violence the public figures responsible should be arrested and charged.

Perhaps the dems should start calling themselves “The Party of Peace”.

Internet tough guy right here.

Yes, liberals don’t have guns. LOL. And I was talking about Robert_Moon specifically. I’m sure he’ll be on the front lines of this civil war fever dream cons love to fool themselves about. You can tell from his spicy chatroom comments.

Hahahaha the glass is on the outside, which means the brick was thrown from within. Republicans can’t even fake a vandalism right, and all of you smoothbrains fall for the simplest tricks.